10 Years of PS2 (Happy Birthday) : A Hater’s Perspective

Well yeah, when the PS2 launched in North America 10 years ago tomorrow I actually disdained the thing, and didn't own one for the majority of its prime years. Yet, I still can't help but recognize it as the owner of possibly the best game library ever and possibly the most dominant console since the NES.

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FACTUAL evidence2965d ago

So the ps2 and I share the same B-day!? Happy Bday to me and ps2 today!!!!!!!!!!

HolyOrangeCows2965d ago

What sort of idiot gamer "hates" the Ps2?

vhero2966d ago

Weird I came home after buying a PS2 (wanted a PS2 instead of a 360) for my kids christmas pressie and saw that it was PS2's birthday. Anyways I think this will be our houses 3rd PS2 in it's life and not one ever died on me just always got rid of mine in the past. Great for RPG enthusiasts (though not better than ps1) but even better as a family console.

N4WAH2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I have 3 in my home. Purchased two at launch and one of them still works flawlessly. The other launch units disc drive gave out a couple years ago but it was the one that saw the most use. I have a couple hundred games for it scattered though out my house.

-Alpha2966d ago

RPGs are the one thing lacking on the PS3 compared to the PS2 days. And I never played RPGs on the PSOne, but hearing about games like Chrono Cross and, I wish I had played those.

Dnied2966d ago

you still can =) especially if you have a psp.. i enjoy playin the classics on my psp rather then seeing it stretched on the big screen =(

-Alpha2966d ago

I want a DS. Looks to have great RPGs for the handheld, but the PSP list is good too. I'm more of a DS fan, but I wouldn't mind a PSP.

I plan on selling my 360 and getting a handheld anyway.

Capdastaro2966d ago

Wow you have a kid?

I'm assuming then you let your kids spout fanboyish crap all over here then and its not you?

tacosRcool2965d ago

I wish the PS3 just had some good games that really meant something to the people who played them. Most games now are just really all about the graphics with really no substance. I miss the glorious PS2 days

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jerethdagryphon2966d ago

10 year plan for ps2 C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.

-Alpha2966d ago

It can keep going, since it keeps selling. And since decent games still actually come out for it.

Simco8762966d ago

PS2 had a great run, but its over now.

Sony should just start digitally releasing its PS2 library on the Playstation Store, just like they do with PS1 games.

JadedWriter2966d ago

PS2 will never die!!!!! at least not within the next 2-3 years.

CimmerianDrake2966d ago

And what will those games play on? Remember, the new PS3's can't do PS2 playback.

tatsukishi2966d ago

I still have my launch PS2 ad it works great! best console gen so far.