Killzone 3 Beta Recoil Analysis

Thanks to the recent release of Killzone 3 Beta, it has began the analysis part of the game and now heres the recoil issue being stated with image comparison between hip firing and sight firing having recoils.

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BulletToothtony2912d ago

wow.. good to see that GG are indeed the needed adjustments to make a fun MP

LordMarius2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

so little to no recoil was what it was needed to make the MP fun? what?

duplissi2911d ago


if you cant deal with recoil... well i dont have much hope for you.

short controlled bursts will triumph over full auto spraying.

Nihilism2911d ago

Yo I herd you like 'spray-and-play' so we put some C.O.D in your K.Z.3 so you can ADHD while you C-A-M-P.

toaster2911d ago

Oh my god.. mugoldeneagle learn your fcking memes man, the internet is serious business. You just made yourself look like a total noob.

-MD-2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

It appears to me mugoldeneagle03 knows his meme. Why exactly did you bother posting toaster?

Damn 50 days without posting down the drain.

mugoldeneagle032911d ago

I got that Xzibit pic sent to me a year ago on PSN. If that saying was used before that, then so be it. Sorry I don't spend countless hours learning every "internet meme"

Guess I'm not serious enough for this business

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FACTUAL evidence2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

GG made a move like this. It was a chore to kill someone in KZ2. I got VERY use to it, but after you lay off KZ2 for a while and go back you had to re-learn how to play again. I just could not get use to that, especially after playing resistance 2, then try to jump on KZ2...huge no go.

I'm happy that controller lag cease to exist in the KZ franchise, and I hope only for the best for GG. I think around the end of Feb before KZ3's release they should make a co-op campaign demo, and advertise it hard. Theres no reason a unique game like kz3 shouldn't have 6m sales, and an average of 300k online a time everday.

MonopolyRSV2911d ago

Yeah its definitely hard to get back into it after you've been away for a while.

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trounbyfire2911d ago

who is with me, open beta or...

Digitaldude2911d ago

Its similar to that in KZ2 as well.

RememberThe3572911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

The fact it that console gamers generally don't like recoil. But most don't mind spray at all. The longer to pull the trigger the less accurate you are. It's when the aimer started moving without your input that people pump the breaks.

I feel like KZ2 had the best spray of any shooter out there and I'm not too excited that they have tightened it up. But until I get my hands on it I'll hold off judgment.

despair2911d ago

I'm hoping they add some recoil and spray in the final build, its way too accurate to hit a guy through a step half a mile away with a machine gun. It adds that extra difficulty and would remove the need to increase the health as the offset should balance it a bit more.

I'm all for people having fun with that pick up and play feel but if it plays too tight then you feel robbed that a first timer can head shot you with a pistol by randomly shooting half a map away.

MonopolyRSV2911d ago

Has anyone here for real played the beta? No one is going off these photos right? You can't really tell how it is just by looking at some pictures.

ajcastillo2911d ago

I had and is for real, the same way as in the pictures its almost non existing the recoil when you have the iron sight.

Thepro3182911d ago

Light Machine Guns in the game is real issue to accurate little to no recoil.

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