Police: PlayStation 3 Brawl Ends with One Man Dead

Wichita, Kansas police are on the hunt for Benjamin Redgate, who they suspect is partly responsible for the death of Luke German, the result of a disagreement over a "video football game on PlayStation 3."

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big_silky2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

people always say "don't judge a book by it's cover" but scumbags almost always look like scumbags. if i saw this dude i could tell right away he's up to no good. this guy has the same "sickly" pallor that i've seen on numerous criminals.

maybe fable is right, evil does give you a certain look even in real life.

gaden_malak2916d ago

I agree. Dodgy people look dodgy.

Redrum0592916d ago

Any one who knows the story of Ted Bundy knows that bad guys don't always look like bad guys.

kaveti66162916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Hey, I'm a pretty pale guy. Don't judge me by my unattractiveness, friendo.

PS. I have a winning personality.

Bereaver2916d ago

A winning personality that can't keep 5 bubbles! Sounds like lots of win to me!

kaveti66162916d ago

I missed a couple of days of Playstation ass-kissing, and I refuse to make up for it. Bubble me down all you want. I have never said anything blatantly anti-anything on this site. Except about Obsidian. Those guys can suck farts.

gaden_malak2916d ago

But do you have a sinister-looking moustache?

FACTUAL evidence2916d ago

Benjamin : I NEED your ps3 NAOW! Uncharted 3 got announced so DIE! *kills*
Guy with Benjamin: Benjamin Uncharted 3 announcement is just a JOKE!! Calm downn!!

electricshadow2916d ago

I'm sure this article will skewed in a way that says video games cause violence.

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Well Video games do cause violence. To deny that people aren't affected by competitive games (which is most games out there) is just as wrong as to make video games the scapegoat.

However, I'm sure politicians are foaming at the mouth to find their style of flamebait against their opponents.

Bereaver2916d ago

Now, what you're stating is that EVERYONE that play violent games are prone to cause more violence?

You should restate that. Because that includes you too.

Fortunately, I'm not simple minded and beating a person to death in a game with a baseball bat, does not encourage my real life.

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I didn't mean all people obviously, but who here hasn't gotten frustrated or been unable to control a temper?

Violence can certainly arise from playing video games-- you can be frustrated, verbally abused, get angry, etc. But it's one of many factors and should not be the scapegoat. That's my point.

To flat out deny that video games don't play a role to behavior is what keeps people from understanding each other at opposite sides of the debate.

ComboBreaker2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Video game gave children the idea to bring guns to school. Video game is responsible for the Columbine shooting.

However, video game would have also prevented Columbine shooting too. LOL.

MariaHelFutura2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Weapons are only as dangerous as those who use them.

Beahmscream2916d ago

PS3: Only does... never mind I'm not going there.

MariaHelFutura2916d ago

PS3: It only does 25 to Life.......

LordMarius2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

PS3 It Only Does Violence

Nihilism2916d ago

Blaming gaming for murder is the same as blaming a gun for the shooting....does not compute.

DaBadGuy2916d ago

Yeah but it'll be spun in such a way that it would seem that during the play by play John Madden instructed that dodgy fellow how to kill the man.

"David Akers is setting up for the extra point, and now here's something fascinating, there are at least 100 pressure points on the human body, and one of the most famous points is the brachial plexus, why even a punch to the brachial plexus could kill a man. And here is Akers with the kick, and it's good! Boom, tough actin Tinactin."

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