Fable III Ready to Rock with Its First Title Update

As soon as players boot up Fable III, an update will have to be installed. What could this update mean?

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Troll_Police2919d ago

Games are being released with day 1 patches now? What's up with that?

come_at_me_bro2919d ago

Well, it's not that horrible actually (presuming you have an internet connection). I suppose this would let them print the game on time and still polish up a few loose ends. It's not the greatest solution in the world, but it's a lot better than shipping the game and patching it weeks or months later.

SilverSlug2918d ago

by a date. They don't finish the game 1 hour before it hits store shelves. Most of the time they finish the game 2 weeks (or more) before the release date, then it goes to printing and packaging. Not to mention, review copies go out early etc.

So if there is an issue they find in those 2 weeks, they work on a patch to fix the issues for you.


they could delay the game 3 months like Little Big Planet 2.

Troll_Police2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I understand that but why release a buggy game? According to all of the reviews for Fable III it is really buggy so it SHOULD have been delayed like Little Big Planet 2.

SilverSlug2918d ago

in like 30 mins from Gamestop. I will see how buggy it is. Most likely, it will be. I mean, all Fable games have been buggy.

Thus why I never believe the hype about Milo.

Nihilism2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Why are people disagree-ing with you, people are disagreeing because you are not a complacent moron. When's the last time you bought a CD that has skipping tracks due to a production error?, it just doesn't mappen, all these complacent little kids who have no concept of value because their parents buy them the year COD releases as they put it in their wish list to 'santa' just can't understand why it's a bad thing.

To your disagree-ers, I hope when they build their first home, and the concrete slab it's built on cracks because the builders didn't take core samples to check the earth below will be as forgiving of a post finish fix required on their home.

F you console gamers. Before this generation games didn't have patches...and they didn't need them either, now that there is a HDD developers take the easy way out. A lot of people buy console games BECAUSE they supposedly don't have to maintain the games.

I would be livid if a game was i need of a day 2 patch. You should all pirate the games on day 1 then buy the patched/DLC inclusive GOTY version in a years time for half the vanilla games price, it's the only way to opposed this B.S.

iistuii2918d ago

Are you on about building houses lol. I can't remember a game I've put in that doesn't need a tiny patch on release.

Kalowest2918d ago

Its a repeat of what they did with Fable2.

jetlian2918d ago

now are millions of lines of code theres no way to for anything to find a combination that could go wrong. Another thing like someone else said games are go gold a month before they release!!

Nihilism2918d ago

There's this awesome thing called 'play testing', they don't seem to do it anymore, maybe they could try that. Eg. the New Vegas intro bug....I find it hard to believe they could have missed that in play testing...guess they didn't think it was 'worth the effort' or something, too many resources spent on DLC integration....not enough on the vanilla games.

jetlian2918d ago

problem is when your dealing with a million things you fix 1 and another can pop up in an area you were never looking at. Not saying they are on point all the time but it can happen