Addictive Gameplay vs. Clinical Addiction: Do Developers Prey on Human Psychology?

Traditionally, gamers describe interesting experiences that feature high replay value as "addictive." They intend it as a compliment, but the word generally has altogether more serious connotations.

Using the same word in such very different ways is problematic; in recent years, developers have begun trying to induce gamers into the more unsavory flavor of addiction.

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acronkyoung2966d ago

Interesting article. To me, the real threat is the recent trend of Facebook games and all of those other games that the gas station sells cards for. They seem to break games down to the very essence of addiction and use that to slowly urge people into giving them more and more money. If all games headed in that direction it'd be awful, but I don't think most developers will. I mean, I don't think many of the people that make those games are passionate about games. As long as we have people behind the wheel who are passionate about gaming we'll be alright. Fumito Ueda, Kojima, Miyamoto, Edmund McMillen, Michel Ansel, etc. etc. They'll steer us the right way.