Need For Speed Hot Pursuit won't get PC demo

If you were hoping to see how the latest game in the long running racing game series would look and run for the PC before the game itself is released for the PC, you will just have to settle for getting the game itself.

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electricshadow2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

It would be nice if they gave us an actual reason as to why PC Gamers aren't getting a demo. I predict this will be heavily pirated now.

Pandemic2918d ago

Agreed, that's the problem with not releasing demo's, seeing as you can't return PC games, people sceptical about purchasing it, will have to try it out one way or another, and that it to download it, illegally.

ryuzu2917d ago

And I guess that is the problem - piracy on PC is a casual activity now from MP3s to movies to games. Everyone feels "entitled" for their own bizarre reasons - very few admit to themselves they are simply stealing something just like walking into a shop and lifting it.

So, from a developers perspective, why bother to support the PC platform when it'll make a smaller return and cause a lot of hassle supporting all the configurations out there.

I'm surprised more games aren't going down the lines of Steam only releases (see Civ 5, and FM2010/11 for recent examples).

There are still people moaning about Steam, but if the choice is that or something like Starforce, I'll take Steam thanks.


steve30x2917d ago

Yes. they arent releasing a PC demo because it will get dpirated.

Saryk2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

EA bent over the NFS Undercover players. Steam and other outlets are still selling the Undercover but we cannot play any multiplayer because all of the servers are gone and we cannot play LAN. And EA wonders why people copy their games. When I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2, I felt bent over, because that game will be worthless when there are no more servers. At least with MW2, you can still play LAN. That is why I will not buy any EA games until LAN or server files are added.

plb2917d ago

Because PC gamers get screwed so much these days sadly

tacosRcool2917d ago

Yes its true.

And to make it worse people have been claiming that PC gaming is dying even though it is far from it.

Letros2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

They'd be smart to do like Capcom and release a benchmark if a demo is too much work, a lot people pirate games just to see how well they run, however, no one knows if they follow up and purchase them...

dirthurts2917d ago

At least you know how it looks/runs. Every pc is different.

Alcohog2917d ago

The demo is on Hey-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

PRHB HYBRiiD2917d ago

the demo is on xbox live too

C L O U D2917d ago

I actually feel sorry for the PC gamers, it is such a shame.

edoman202917d ago

XD Full demo on BT FTW

Love pc gaming and retarded developers/publishers

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The story is too old to be commented.