Medal of Honor Airborne Updated Hands-on Impressions

Medal of Honor Airborne is due out next week, and Electronic Arts gave us a last look at the game before it ships.

If it's true that a good shooter needs to be somewhat-or full-out-chaotic, keeping you moving and anxious the whole time, then MoHA should be a good shooter from our time with it. There's plenty of fast-paced action, and many spots of cat-and-mouse action between the good guys and the bad guys.

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beardtm4068d ago

Played the demo. It sucks.

Closer to Hour of Victory than it is to Call of Duty.

futal4068d ago

I enjoyed the game, but I would like it alot more if there was a controller scheme for left handed gamers. How hard is it to include this option!!!!! FEAR, Bioshock, and the (Stranglehold demo) are the same way. NEXT GEN gaming my %$#.

Chabbs04068d ago

i disagree, the demo rules, played through it about 4 times. and its different everytime!

Mike Ox Big4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

to be fair it's much closer to mediocre than "sux". If I had limitless funds I'd definitely be picking it up, but their are a lot of AAA games just around the corner.

reaperxciv4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

if you want a WWII shooter get Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway when it comes out.

okay, okay, i take the s*cks part back, the controls could use a little tweaking but over all it could be a sleeper

cigloman4068d ago

I have played the demo over and over and this game is a great game in its own right, sure it is no call of duty but why should it be. Call od duty it seems represents WW 2 and anything else is criticised.....not right. This is an innovative title that's solid in every way. Good graphics, very solid gameplay, solid framerate and a whole lot of fun.
Replying to the first post that stated that this is closer to hour of victory...i say this is definitely not true....this game is very solid, hour of victory was a disaster.
A very worthy addidtion to WW2, will be buying this on day one.....i love ww2 shooters.

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