Giant Bomb: Fable III Review

Giant Bomb: "Fable has always seemed to me like the weirdo, off-kilter Xbox counterpart to Zelda, a staple fantasy adventure franchise that trades reverence for flatulence and gleefully turns the sword-and-sorcery milieu right upside down. That willingness to buck the oh-so-serious tropes of the genre is what made the first two Fable games so endearing, and the new third game in the series has that same absurd charm running all through it. Absurdity may have also governed some of the design elements that shape the way Fable III plays and progresses, though. Too frequently it feels like the game mechanics do their best to obscure, rather than enhance, what Fable does best."

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Cyrus3652912d ago

Guess Giant Bomb didn't like the game.

Chuk52912d ago

It sounds like Brad really liked it but was fought every step of the way.

Cyrus3652912d ago

Yeah he has some key gripes with it. He wanted to like it, it seems.