GameInformer: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Review

Certain elements of the game are rough around the edges, but these annoyances aren’t enough to bring down the experience as a whole. Wrestling fans know that some backstage inconsistencies can be looked past as long as the talent makes a solid in-ring showing, and it’s no different here.

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DanteKnightsTemplar3742d ago

and it usually gets 8.If fifa or any other brand does that their scores wont be constant.

DaBadGuy3742d ago

I've played every game since Smackdown on PS1.

Every year it gets a little better.

Eventually, by that logic, it will hit terminal velocity and become the greatest fighting game ever created.

Or, you know, Triple H will eventually become so huge in the game that he can't even wipe his own ass.

Jamegohanssj53742d ago

ROFL at the HHH comment.