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"There was a time when, if you wanted to play a Dragon Ball Z game, your only choice was to import it from Japan, or play the horrific Dragon Ball GT Final Bout. Nowadays, you can almost tell the seasons by which Dragon Ball Z title has arrived. Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team brings the spiky haired cast to the PSP yet again, for another round of the same old story."

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lavachoke2916d ago

id rather play naruto ninja storm

Jrome2916d ago

My thoughts exactly...I'm honestly disappointed...At least make a budokai style game with ALL THE CHARACTERS.

Samus HD2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

and I'm honestly disappointed on ultimate ninja storm 2
I was waiting for that game since it had been announced. But not as great as I wonted - Graphic are really great, but Gameplay isn't improved much. And the biggest problem is the ultimate jutsu - it isn;t big or exploding (not very beautiful and too short)
as for DBZ not good games since tenkaichi 3

Lyr1c2916d ago

They honestly need to create a game, with a completely unique story, and either make the game play more similar to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (Raging Blast sucked...try harder), Budokai, or just start over altogether.

Hire me....I'll actually make a GOOD Dragon Ball Z game for this gen...

dindras2916d ago

Naruto game seems like its alot more fun

Legendary-Status2916d ago

was my favorite anime coming up as a kid...cartoon's just ain't the same...I use to love Toonami... with Ronin Warriors, DBZ, Thunder Cats, Reboot, G-Gundam, Gundam Wing, I don't care ain't gonna lie I watch it Sailor Moon...Yu Yu Hakusho, Inyuasha, Tenchi Muyo, S-Cryed late nite lol etc... that was it back then... CN was in it's it's Dead somebody need's to bring it back from the Dead...kid's now days are watching some mess up cartoon's all I watch now is Bleach and Naruto...but back on topic same ol story...somebody needs to bring back dbz anime new story but put's their heart into like can be done...

ABizzel12916d ago

Preach. Cartoons are nothing like they were growing up. I use to watch the same stuff on Toonami, and Boomerang would have the Justice Leauge, and Batman Beyond, and other DC and Marvel stuff. It was a good time.

Now I saw my little brother watching a show about some Kid whose mother is a whale or something. Anywho the only few good cartoons with action like the old days are Bleach, Naruto, and Avatar the Last Air Bender. Nowadays everything is awfully animated, bad comedy, shows. I feel sorry for this generation.

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