DJ Hero 2 Wii Review |

When Guitar Hero hit the video game market in 2005, it took the music genre by storm. The original Guitar Hero on PS2 made rhythm games main stream, and since then we've seen numerous entries into the Guitar Hero series and several spin-offs and knock-offs. EA's Rockband series became popular due to its focus on the entire band instead of the guitarist -- which Activision then incorporated into future Guitar Hero installments. On October 27th, 2009, Activision released their next rhythm game series: DJ Hero. Instead of guitars and drums, players used a turn table in DJ Hero as they matched colored buttons and mixed popular hip hop tunes. Following the mold they set with Guitar Hero, Activision developed a sequel to DJ Hero with added music and refined game modes. Is DJ Hero 2 more of the same or does it progress the rhythm genre?

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