OXCGN’s Eurogamer Expo 2010 Hands-On Report


"This year’s Eurogamer event marked the first ever gaming expo that I have had the opportunity to attend, so I was eagerly awaiting it for many months.

Just the possibility of wandering around the halls lined with booths, games, buzzing with other gamers all there enticed by the love of gaming was an exciting prospect.

I didn’t quite know what to expect actually, but knew that Gears of War 3 was definitely going to be on display, which I must admit, was my main focus and attraction."

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gaminoz2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Hmmm I didn't realise it was so hard to get to actually play the games at these things, which allow not just journos but public too.

I'm not sure I'm excited anymore by Gears of War. I really was surprised by the first one, but the second, though great, just didn't grab me as much.

Godem2919d ago

Everytime I see those 'on the floor' pics at all those shows and see queues as far as the eye can see, I cringe a little haha

XboxOZ3602919d ago

I'm sorry, I'm also 'over' Gears Of War, same as Halo. Just because one supports a platform, does NOT mean you support or like all the games on that platform.

While Gears has been great in its own right, it really has never been a standout for me - unlike say Assassin's Creed series or even the Fable series.

It will have to have had a huge jump forward from the current iteration when it is finally released in Nov 2011, otherwise it will be just more of the same . . . boring.

Give me Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Spec Ops: The Line and Medal of Honor anyday over Gears,

BadCircuit2919d ago

I guess the atmosphere would be pretty cool...but you'd have to pick and choose what games you tried to see or play I bet.

Proeliator2919d ago

The difference between these events and things like E3 is the restriction of industry versus public. E3 is a trade event involving only industry, and this particular occasion is a blend of both.

E3 revolves around special appointments you make with devs and the like, whereas these revolve around what you get to first.

XboxOZ3602919d ago

While that is true of E3, it is also not . .one of those catch-22 situations. With E3, you can get in if you're willing to pay the ticket price of around $US400 (+-), and that is for non-media attendees.

Plus there are usually 2 sections at E3's booths, one behind closed doors for most of the publishers where invite only media is allowed, and they mean 'invite only' . . just because you're part of a media group, does not mean you get into behind closed doors events.

Then there's the 'general exhibition section, where you do line up with everyone else and wait your turn. Which can be a few hours, depending on the game or booth.

It's great to see expo aimed at just the gamers, and ideally the Eurogamer annual events will only get bigger as time goes on. Seeing that it was a sellout on all 3 days, that shows the organisers that there's a demand and it's being met, which is always good for the longivity of any event