Castlevania - Lords of Shadow and God of War Comparison

Rely on Horror - They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. So how much does Castlevania's stellar Lords of Shadow like Kratos and the gang on Mt. Olympus?

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The Wood2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

add a bit of shadow of the colossus to that pie and this game is pretty much a homage and a very enjoyable one at that

Ahasverus2917d ago

They are kinda similar but not too much, Castlevania is a lot more platfformer focused, I would say, this is more a Prince of Persia than a God of War. Trailers and demo were really misleading.

It doesn't matter, both franchises are great :)

LordMarius2917d ago

One is GOTY and the other one is not

Ahasverus2917d ago

Yeah, GOW III was not half as good, shame...

I'm joking of course :P please don't start this flamebait, you know that GOWIII was a high budget exclusive from a platform holder made by a multimillion dollars studio with years of experience and a solid gameplay base, and Castlevania was made with half that budget, an almost newcomer spanish team of 60 people working for one of the most obscure next gen companies (name a KOnami game besides Metal Gear Silent Hill and PES...) trying to figure out a way to make an ill-3D-fated saga into new directions? I think they did a great job.

Unicron2917d ago

Well said. I truly love both titles, for separate reasons. It IS okay to love more than one title per genre!

Army_of_Darkness2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

No it isn't OKay to like several titles in the same genre!! why?! because I can't afford it!!! [email protected] my Life:(.......(tear drops)...

freezola752917d ago

about this very article! Why are people hailing Cv: LOS GOTY? It's a great game mayne I am really enjoying almost all of this game. Some of the puzzles are just lazy and do NOT need to be there.. come on.... your shaking scarecrows for crying out loud WTF!

I said all this to say that I tried to ignore the GOW similarities... It just became too hard to miss after a while.

Again Cv: LOS is an excellent game to play fun and all... but I just can't shake these obvious similarities... but it will not stop me from playing this game. I just won't be jumping on that GOTY bandwagon anytime soon...

Gago2917d ago

i liked LOS better

GOW is getting stale

freezola752915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

GOW 3 may have been a short game... it did not have a very deep plot, but it was way more Epic than Cv:LOS, way more visceral than Cv:LOS.

Cv:LOS is a great game and I keep stressing this but... how can you not spot the obvious similarities in this game? The puzzles are good and then some are just ridiculous. By far I loved the Vampire Chess game that was sweet! I still play that and I believe that would be sweet online!

I do think that Cv:LOS has more replay value to a degree. It's just amazing how the Boss battles were in GOW 3 (the fight with Poseidon, Hades and Cronos!!) They were truly jaw dropping and totally epic!

Cv:LOS deserves all the accolades it is getting no question. I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I just feel that what I saw in GOW 3 was incredible and it have not been match just yet. Cv:LOS is right up there with GOW 3. This is just my opinion.

big_silky2917d ago

i love the adventure and exploration of castlevania, gow3 was set piece, mash mash mash, set piece, repeat.

raztad2916d ago

How is GoW stalled and you like LoS when LoS copies GoW combat system?

I'm not saying LoS is not a fantastic game, the contrary, but come on, lets be realistic.

Ahasverus2916d ago

You kinda can't like one without like each other; ok, you can, but you can't say one of them is lame without applying that adjective to one/various aspects of the other game.

freezola752915d ago

Bubbles my friend. Point blank truth and the last thing you said is gold:

"I'm not saying LoS is not a fantastic game, the contrary, but come on, lets be realistic."

hot4play2916d ago

Castlevania: LoS has a better story than GoW. Gabriel Belmont is also more appealing to me as a character than Kratos. C:LoS's environments are also more varied. The lore is deeper...etc...

For an upstart company (Mercury Steam), they did a pretty good job of revitalizing the franchise.

I think it all boils down to preference. Castlevania's universe just appeals to me more.

I liked GoW3 but was kinda disappointed with the game after finishing it. And despite the awesome graphics, something felt missing. I don't know. I'm on my 2nd playthrough now with LoS...

GoW and C:LoS are both great games, I just like Castlevania more.

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