Your Shape Fitness Evolved Plus Kinect: Gimmick or Fitness Revolution?

I believe Fitness is usually thought of as a chore for most of us. Driving 20 minutes to the gym to run in place on a treadmill, ride a stationary bicycle, or lift some weights can be a little mundane. Video games are meant to give you a place to escape to, provide enjoyment and excitement, relieves stress. So could these two seemingly opposite activities have a marriage that we can all enjoy and benefit from?

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xxxAnubisxxx3066d ago

Glad they worked out the Kinect kinks so it seems. Anxious to see how well this takes off

Shang-Long3066d ago

Gimmick or fittness rev.. both.

NecrumSlavery3066d ago

its a mix. a fitness gimmick. but this is def not a revolution

DMason3066d ago

Taken from this article:

"The most important element within the game is the Kinect device itself. There have been many stories that question whether or not Kinect will be able to perform as well as hardcore gamers need it to perform in order to compete. I myself played Kinect at E3 and was left with more doubt than confidence about the experience. With Your Shape Fitness Evolved however, the Kinect for Xbox 360 worked perfectly. The device picked up movements flawlessly and most importantly, there were NO latency issues at all. A punch in Virtual Smash was registered instantly and transmitted on screen."

My girlfriend is going to love this

DTMBSquid3066d ago

I'd like to try it for myself before I bite the bullet to get a Kinect.... but I hope it's really good.

JLesinski3066d ago

I'm hopeful but skeptical about the kinect. Could be awesome, or the start of something awesome, or it could be a complete flop. We'll see

thebudgetgamer3066d ago

need to tighten up my glutes.

ComboBreaker3066d ago

So I went to the park and lost all the necessary weight already.

sack_boi3066d ago

Did you post the same retarded comment in the Move/Mel B/fitness article as well? Yeah this one.

N4OGs3066d ago

This shitty game wont help your fat ass. go outside, go to the gym, or get a regular workout video for 20 bucks instead of spending 150 + 60 for the game = 210 and if you dont have XBL already your gonna have to pay 60 to get updates for kinect.

I wish people would stop being idiots and having a child like mind in thinking kinect will help you. I bet you are the same morons who bought wii fit and you are still fat as hell. For gosh sake grow the F up because right now you look like the nuubs from that wall street money never sleeps movie. A bunch of people who allow crap to get to the top and take everything out.

Mustang300C20123066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Sad ass child LMFAO.

Read how passionate he is about how he is concerned about other peoples lives. Just EPIC.

sack_boi3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I'm a college student student with a very decent job and a scholarship.
I don't need someone like you to tell me how to spend my hard earned cash.
People buy crap all the time because they can afford it (Iphone, ipad...)
Don't be mad, if you're not interested in Kinect stop reading about it.

divideby03066d ago

I just dont get it... are people that stupid or lazy they need a personal fitness trainer... amazing

van-essa3066d ago

And it's only the begining.
You're going to have an ulcer (maybe even comit suicide) if you keep reading X360/Kinect news, because obviously it bothers you so much.

baodeus3066d ago

actually i find that most people don't really know how to work out effectively, hence, they barely see any significant results. Personal fitness trainer tell you what you did wrong and help you work out more efficiently.

Bigpappy3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

You have "Mel B" fitness for your Move and Eye. If Kinect sells a few million 360's how does that impact your life? Why are you so worried about how people want to spend their own money? Why do you think their give a rats fart about what you think they should do? You are over reacting like a little girl then asking people to grow up.

May be you should try living what you preach, brother N4OGs.

Apocalypse Shadow3066d ago

you jump into ps3 articles with your OPINIONS...

guess yours and other 360 fans comments mean nothing too.

we all come here to comment and matter the article.but i don't see the same"let's see move sell well and sell ps3s."

if fitness is 360 fan's new thing over gears,more power to you.

Bigpappy3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Please find that PS3 or any article where I told anyone not to buy a Move or try to insult them for going so ... I am waiting.

Don't start lying on me to detract from your troll friend. If he is wrong he is wrong. It is that simple. You were better off keeping your mouth shut and letting your buddy defend his own mess. Lying on me ain't gonna cut it.

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