GameSpy: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Some players will get fed up more quickly than others, just as GameSpy is sure some won't care a whit about glitchy A.I. or weird textures problems. If you can see the forest for the buggy trees, you'll quickly see that Fallout: New Vegas is the pinnacle of the first-person RPG genre.

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saint_john_paul_ii2913d ago

this game doesnt deserve a AAA score, seriously, no matter how packed it is , the fact that its buggy/glitchy, its just doesnt deserve it...

NYC_Gamer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

thats why mainstream reviewers cant be trusted...they give special treatment to games from huge studios...

Motorola2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Apparently, you havent played it. Havent had a blast with a singleplayer game this whole year until God of War 3 or Red dead. I love this game. No bugs for me besides 1 freeze. Definitely a 9 in my book. Play the game, THEN judge it.

Trizard2913d ago

I don't know what everyone is bitching about. While playing a saw one bug (only once) where a rad scorpion was clipping through the ground. No biggy for me as I just shot him dead and that was it. I love this game and while I see how it may have some bugs but the without them, this game would be 10/10 any day IMO.

visualb2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Played over 20 hours so far, had 1 crash because I played around with mods / graphics.

only big glitch has been a special companion disappearing, but a quick command prompt fixed it.

loveing it, its SO HUGE. its insane. probably the biggest non-online RPG i've ever played (in terms of content) and I've played both oblivion and morrowind (most of it) as well as FO3 and Baldurs Gate II , and I have to say, this game is giant.

However I agree, IF you suffer from bugs (360, PS3) then yes its probably a different argument,

but on PC

AAA for SURE! tops FO3 in every way except for "new" factor and the intro (FO3 has best intro in the world)

@ Trizard _ wow thats weird, the only major clip bug I had was also a rad scorpion ( a bark scorpion to be exact) heh =P

PirateThom2913d ago

It is glitchy, there's horrible slow down at times and does crash... it can be a mess at times... but, the core game is absolutely fantastic, I actually like it way more than Fallout 3 which was an equally buggy and glitchy game.

Fact is, when a game is as good as this, you have to make a choice. Rate it lower because of engine flaws overlooking good game design or rate it high because the core game is solid and ignore the obviously glaring technical issues. If you rate it low for engine issues, you have to completely blame Bethesda for their crap engine and not Obsidian for making the most of said engine.

mandf2913d ago

Well said. I give fallout3 a 10. Haven't finish New Vegas yet.

Darkfocus2913d ago

if thats the case stalker should have scored much higher than it did. Face it big titles get special privileges when it comes to reviews

PirateThom2913d ago

I'm not denying that, but it's not like STALKER's reviews were terrible or anything, it still scored in the same region as New Vegas, for example.

Darkfocus2913d ago

I know they weren't terrible but that was basically the only thing it was docked marks for in any of the reviews. whereas fallout seems to be receiving more free passes in that category(although a lot of reviewers docked it too)

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Baka-akaB2913d ago

Most of the people complaining gave a free pass to the first fallout 3 game the first time around ... so why not do the same here ?

It's not as if FA3 was less ugly back then , it was as buggy especially when it comes to dlcs , and it didnt have the top notch work done so far on choices , dialogues and plotting by Obsidian .

Like Thom said , blame the decision to use an engine crappy beyond any redemption on Bethesda . Especially when they have the exclusivity on the awesome ID tech 5 engine , wich would have potentially made an already excellent new vegas looks and behave like the upcoming Rage game .

Anyway i had to uninstall it from my pc for now . game is like crack , and i shouldnt have time for it right now .

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NewsForMe2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

The game is just too much fun. I wish I actually owned a copy. The bugs in no way ruin the game for me. My only issue is the god damn load times. Sometimes I have to get off for a while. I'm not sure what causes is but the load times end up reaching the three minute mark, then after leaving my system off for an hour its back down to about 30 seconds. I have two save files, one for before anything major. I'll use the second save my progress as I go. If something goes wrong I can just start over with the first save. Nothing has happened so far. I turned off autosave and the framerate issues disappeared. Everything but the load times and the AI getting trapped in objects is avoidable for me.

TheColbertinator2913d ago

Its a good yet flawed game.Check it out

Manac0R2913d ago

For an alternate way of playing Fallout:New vegas check out the link, you must have left Goodsprings before viewing...i thought it was funny anyway :)


Shield2913d ago

Yea! Who won the lottery? I did!

Trizard2913d ago

I love the line "When you've regained your composure, press the Wait button ("T" on PC, "Back" on Xbox 360, "Select on PS3, "Overdrive" on Phantom). This will allow you to stand still while time passes in 24 hour increments."

I haven't heard anything of the Phantom in like 4 years, lmao...

capjacksparrow2913d ago

I absolutely LOVE this game. Guess what, I have over 40 hours in on this game and it's frozen up about 10 times, and I still don't care, they only thing that upsets me is that I have to wait to get back into the game because I enjoy it so much. There is soooo much stuff to do in this game and so many places to go, at the moment I'm enjoying it more than I did Fallout 3. Really great game, and they're coming out with a patch soon for the glitches so you guys should pick this up. 9.5 in my book, and that's only because of the glitches, other wise it would probably be 9.8.

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