Microsoft's Spencer: No 'Mandate' For First-Parties To Use Kinect

While Microsoft has confirmed over 15 first- and third-party launch window titles for the Kinect, the company tells Gamasutra there is no internal requirement for first-party developers like Fable studio Lionhead or Forza house Turn 10 to develop games that implement Kinect motion control.

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Bigpappy2967d ago

It gives them freedom to come up with ideas they want to work on. Intead of just putting stuff out there.

ComboBreaker2967d ago

That means that they will not really be supporting it. They just want to sell you the hardware, then don't come out with any software.

nygamer282967d ago

there saying the develepers are not being forced on to make their games,MS wants them to work on contriller based games and kinect titles,which develpers seem really interested in,but i really dont want to see shovleware games

feelintheflow2967d ago

if they force developers to use it, they are hurting their creativity and forgetting their core audience. When they don't force them they aren't really supporting it. So I am confused. Not saying that you, ComboBreaker said anything about hurting creativity, that is just the N4G audience in general. One of those damned if you do, damned if you don't things.

T9X692967d ago

How is that bad? MS is saying they are not forcing 1st parties to use the hardware and can choose to do so if they want. That's good, that means less development time for 1st parties because they don't have to spend time coming up with ideas and making sure it works with their game, which could cause delays. If MS forced Epic to use Kinect with Gears, we probably wouldn't see Gears 3 until 2012.

MuleKick2967d ago

Microsoft has 1st party studios?

karl2967d ago


you are damned if you are Microsoft

badz1492967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

someone beat me to it but M$ 1st parties? other than Rare, Lionhead = Fable, Turn10 = Forza, and then what else? I can't see fable or forza having Kinect as their main "controller" at all! M$ is banking on Rare and 3rd parties for Kinect and it's clear as sunny days!

EDIT: @T9X69 Epic Games was never M$'s to begin with! M$ can't force them to do nothing! Gears is owned by Epic, not M$! and...

"If MS forced Epic to use Kinect with Gears, we probably wouldn't see Gears 3 until 2012." - probably never will at all! Gears Kinect? u out of your mind??

ComboBreaker2966d ago

there will not be much support for it.

It'll just be another add-on like EyeToy all over agin.

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gaden_malak2967d ago

I agree it's a good thing. My main concern with Move/Kinect is it will be the 'future' and that will suck.

Bigpappy2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Just part of the future-- which is good because it gives options.

gaden_malak2967d ago

It does give options but hopefully it is still a secondary option to all the Halo\Metal Gears\Uncharted\Gears of Wars etc. of the future.

gypsygib2967d ago


Epic is a third party, re: Bullet Storm.

Elven62967d ago

RE: Unreal Tournament


ZombieAssassin2967d ago

lol why is gypsygib getting disagrees EPIC is a third party developer

It is good though that MS isn't forcing first parties to use it as I think some of them would have trouble finding practical uses in games like Halo aside from maybe reloading and throwing a grenade, still though I hope all motion controls do good just to get the casuals away from NiN.

tinybigman2967d ago

do they even have first party studios? serious question.

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noxeven2967d ago

Good gives them time and hopefully that way we wont get a ton of shovel ware or at least a ton all in one go

SmokexFFx2967d ago

"His response counters rumors that Microsoft is shying away from controller-based games to put all of its resources towards Kinect-based games."

Who ever said Microsoft is abandoning the hardcore?

theafroman2967d ago

its doest matter thought they best 1st party is lionhead and rare is dead the rest are so so. so far they probaly will use kinect

pinkyxyz2967d ago

they only have 3 studios, so its not like some sort of deal breaker or anything

van-essa2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

343 Industries
Lionhead Studios
Turn 10 Studios
Rare Ltd
Wingnut Interactive
Good Science Studio
Firebird Studios
Xbox Live Productions
MGS Mobile Gaming

Troll_Police2967d ago

Tell me, what games have 343 studios, Wingnut Interactive, and Firebird Sutdios made?

Iramo2967d ago

are you high or just blind.
they own lionhead studios,Rareware,MGS mobile gaming,turn 10 studios,343 industries.good science studios,Big park studios,wing nut interactive,Firebird studios,and xbox live their about 5 inches away from buying studios like remedy entertainment, mistwalker and epic games.Plus they could buy out ska studios any day now heck they could do that right this second

radphil2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I don't think they'll be buying out Mistwalker any time soon. They worked on, and are still working on projects on the Wii and DS. Japanese companies have a distinct way of not merging with US companies.

sack_boi2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

If even Apple could buy Sony, I'm guessing Micro could as well since they're richer. 50% of Sony's stock (they don't even need that much) is worth less than $36bil and they offered 45bil for Yahoo.

I think no company is interested in Sony right now because they keep bleeding money out of every orifice.

Both comapany have different strategies. If Microsoft wanted to buy a Studio right now (anyone) they could.

Sheikh Yerbouti2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Microsoft could buy up a whole hell of a lot of studios, true. The question then is "Why haven't they. That's what is funny. Despite all the studios you mention, they still rely on Epic and Activision to remain relevant.

Why? Because ironically lramo is only mentioning relevant studios! Really you might as well as throw in the Windows Vista team.

Good Science is making a Kinect title...Kinect Adventures...yawners.
Firebird Studios is the 360 Graphic and Audio Department...the A/V club
MGS is for the Windows 7 phone...this is not the Droid you're looking for
Wingnut was the partnership for the Halo franchise...CANCELLED
And the fine folks who give us LIVE.

That leaves 3. I HOPE Microsoft buys up some studios.



Apple is the biggest company in the United States in market value. More than even mighty Microsoft.

sack_boi2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

They did buy Bungie and Rare and look what they've become: Rare is just an empty shell and Bungie left them.
I'm guessing this is why they just prefer having contracts with 3rd paty studios nowadays

Rare and Lionhead have expanded though (each of them bought a new studio) and 343i keeps expanding but we still don't really know what they're up to.

Elven62967d ago

Sheikh Yerbouti:


First N4G claimed Microsoft had no first party studios, they get some, now they claim they don't make titles that appeal to them so technically they don't exist/count...

van-essa2967d ago

M$ is still $4bil more valuable than Apple and they still have a bigger "war chest" than Apple.

Sheikh Yerbouti2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


you are about four months too late...and about 60 billion off. The link is real-time btw.

Sorry about below

Iramo2966d ago

those studios do count dude

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Sheikh Yerbouti2967d ago

I don't consider the people who give me PSN a GAME studio. I do understand programming is as much for the hardware as it is the software, but I'm talking software. More specifically software for the 360. Not yesterday's 360 games - some studios are inactive or were short-term to begin with. And not some studio that's around to fill in as help or work on the GUI.

For the PS3, we have Zipper (MAG) Santa MONICA! (GOW) Polyphony (wait for it...GT5) Liverpool (wipEout) Guerilla (KZ3) evolution (Motorstorm) Media Molecule (Little Big Planet) and Naughty Dog ('nuff said).

There are studios out there today that would probably love to be under the MGS umbrella. I HOPE they buy some. Don't be so much of a fanboy that you don't either.

pinkyxyz2967d ago

whats up with all of this rage?? when i said 3 i meant the big 3, you know THE MAIN STUDIOS WHO GET THE BIGGEST BUDGET!! the one's that EVERYONE always brings up. do u really care about the next Firebird Studios project??? really? dumb fanboys

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