GameInformer: Ted Price Talks Resistance 3, Juggling Genres, And Going Multiplatform

GameInformer visited Insomniac Games at their studio in Burbank, California for theirr Resistance 3 cover story. While they were there Ted Price took time out of his busy schedule as the company's founder, president, and CEO to chat with them. He talked with them about handing off the creative director position for the Resistance franchise, what it was like being compared to Gears of War, his thoughts on fans' reactions to Insomniac's decision to go multiplatform, and more.

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pinkyxyz2913d ago

can count on insomniac for a good honest interview

GoldPS32913d ago

Me too. The 1st 3 Spyro games was great. Went down hill after Insomniac stop making them. I think Activision owns it now.

ReservoirDog3162913d ago

I never got into spyro games which disappointed me when I found out Insomniac made them. Wish I did.

And good interview.

Shang-Long2913d ago

the 1st one was pure classic

Dirk Benedict2913d ago ShowReplies(3)
thebudgetgamer2913d ago

a class act in an industry full of d-bags.

theonlylolking2913d ago

Are you talking about David Jaffe and Cliffy? If so I agree 100%.

thebudgetgamer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )


there's more but i think we get it.

GamerSciz2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

He may be a d-bag in your eyes but he just tells you how it is. He's at least honest. Cliffy talks like he owns the world at times. Jaffe never says he is the best and everyone else sucks. He admitted Calling All Cars wasn't very good and that they learned from it for Twisted Metal purposes. Quit calling Jaffe a d-bag when although he might be, he is an honest d-bag.

The Official2913d ago

Big Ups to Ted Price.. Funny how everything is going multiplatform with expenses going up. I hate to mention it but for all of the Fanboys crying blame it on yourself. Rather than trash games and other system..... go buy some. Bottom line.

divideby02913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

TP a true Pro in the gaming industry.

Always speaks with intelligence, never bad mouths the competition and I dont think I ever seen him remotely make a fool of himself

and I bet the 360 game they make is gonna be killer

Gabe and Cliffy... aspire to be like Ted when you grow up

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The story is too old to be commented.