New Pirate Protection System of Xbox 360 Dashboard Revealed?

Microsoft seems to be developed a new protection system for the latest beta dashboard, and most likely for fall 2010 dashboard, too.

For the words of testers of beta dashboard version 2.0.12606.0, new games like Fable III backups keep giving "Unrecognized Disc" error. When original disc inserted, it runs with no problems.

It seems Microsoft is preparing to sweep away pirate users again, like every year.

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Matthew942919d ago

watch out its in french.

Thank god for Chrome's buit in translate feature

MGRogue20172919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I've put a Google Translate link as an alternative source so that should help. :P

Fishy Fingers2919d ago

Cheers, but I have to ask, why the hell was this approved when its not even translated.

N4G is full of enough poorly translated German crap as it is.

hikayu2919d ago

it's not Chrome's built in translate feature . Chrome only recognize that the language is not English , and then refer back to Google's own translator .

darkziosj2919d ago

the only game that doesnt work is fable 3, all other games work properly

Chucky20032919d ago

i have fable 3 and it works fine

FantasyStar2919d ago

Talk about building a mountain with a grain.

ilkercruiser2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Removing the usb memory you've updated from and deleting system update files in it, put everything BACK TO NORMAL. Is this a malfunction or a sign of new protection system...? Who knows?