Video game characters in real life

Ever wondered what your favorite video game character would look like as a real person?

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NewsForSnowflakes4109d ago

So Lara Croft would look like a transvestite in real life...interesting

Acquiescence4109d ago

you've been dabbling with some high class trannies! Fair play.

charlescox44109d ago

Why are you such an expert on the quality of trannies? lol

nickjkl4109d ago

dam that was epic

charles>>>acquiescne >>>>>>squall

EliteAssass1n4109d ago

anybody know who Trip is modeled from in Enslaved?

ct034109d ago

Looks like Ali Hillis who did the voice for Liara.

AwesomeJizz4109d ago

First picture in the slideshow is the hottest. Hell I wouldn't mind bumming that fine piece of ass.

Acquiescence4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

who knows how to sweet talk a lady.

ct034109d ago

I want to see the real life version of the girl from Mirror's Edge. She's hot.

RedDragan4109d ago

A real life sarah kerrighan would be infinitely hotter though!

Xander7564109d ago

Yeah especially after Kerrigan got infested by the Zerg! *wink*

JBaby3434109d ago

I thought the Mirror's Edge chick (Faith Connors) was ugly with no body. To each his own.

Oldman1004109d ago

Hmmm...from the title i expected more than just Lara Croft.

MelonieMac4109d ago

Yes, sorry about that. Next time I will work on widening the selection a bit. :)

gcolley4109d ago

no, just change the title so it is not misleading, not too hard

NewsForSnowflakes4109d ago

On a more serious note, this is some pretty damn good photo manipulation.
Pretty interesting to see what game characters could like like in real life.

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The story is too old to be commented.