1UP: Fallout: New Vegas Review

1UP: "Last week, I wrote an impressions blog discussing how I felt about Fallout: New Vegas after three days of questing. Now that the final act is complete and I've traveled a significant amount of the world, I'm left to figure out exactly how I feel about the game as a whole. On one hand it feels like I can recommend this to any fan of the Fallout series (or Oblivion). I single these fans out because they're willing to forgive silly bugs like meeting characters who walk into walls or occasionally float in mid-air. These fans (like me) realize that the game as a whole is greater than the sum of minor graphical anomalies."

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ThatIrishGamer2913d ago

does EVERY SINGLE BIG RELEASE get a B/A+ on this site. I mean really, what's the point. :S

Neckbear2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Every, EVERY game has a flaw, wich reduces some of the score. That's the point.

Sites sometimes just give 9s and 10s to everything.

ReservoirDog3162913d ago

MGS3 has a flaw?


meganick2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

You must not have noticed the "D+" grade they gave to Final Fantasy 14.

TheBlackSmoke2913d ago

New vegas, while undoubtely a content packed game, suffers from some of the worst bugs ever, all sorts of performance issues and it looks like shit, I really dunno why it gets a free pass for this when we know other games will get destroyed just for being a sequel.

CrzyFooL2913d ago

Valid complaints and valid praise. Good review.

Zinc2913d ago

True. I think that this game is very enjoyable and have been playing it over the weekend. There have been a few minor bugs, but nothing major. Whatever deficiencies it might have with bugs and performance, it makes up for in relative depth of story/choice and gameplay.

Honestly, I wish we had more developers like Obsidian, even with their flaws.

CrzyFooL2913d ago

Now that they have their own engine, they better release a polished game. People will only be patient and let them slide for so long.

romancer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I have been playing Fallout New Vegas from my 360 HD -- and so far, with a level 20 character, I have not had a single freeze. Lots of bugs, of course (the kind that you shoot) but none of the glitchy sort.

I do have puzzlements -- for example, in the monorail episode, a player learns the name of one of the key saboteurs but is never asked to divulge any information; nor is he/she asked to do anything other than be a witness on the monorail platform -- at times like that, it seems to me that the game is underdeveloped and doesn't fulfill its full potential.

I could compile a long list of such head-scratching puzzlements -- where things don't quite make sense -- but i haven't seen any evidence that professional reviewers are interested in such matters.

I would rate this game quite highly -- it's huge in scope and almost always interesting.
There is a little too much of "to-and-froing" (take this to character A, then report back to B, then go back to A... and so on) --a common fault in many games.

It's much more than an expansion pack (as some reviewers have called it) -- my impression is that it is every bit as expansive as F3 itself); -- and if F3 did not exist, my guess is that FNV would have a general critical score in the 90s,

I feel sorry for the people complaining about glitches -- but i truly had none.
I think installing a game on your HD may help matters, in that regard.

Manac0R2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I ve seen some crazy shit happen in this game, but hey thats vegas baby. :)

Story, content and immersion are top notch IMHO.

If you ve left Goodsprings and want to see an alternative way of viewing the situation check out this link, had me in stitches: