God of War: Ghost of Sparta Uses 100% of PSP’s CPU Power

Wow.. The guys over at Santa Monica Studios & Ready At Dawn Studios weren’t lying. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is really putting the PSP through it’s paces as you can clearly see in the video below..

Check it out!

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xYLeinen2913d ago

Nothing less from Santa Monica :p

PirateThom2913d ago

Ready at Dawn. Credit where credit is due.

GoldPS32913d ago

Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn worked on it. Credit to them both.

sack_boi2913d ago

I'm surprised they haven't used the "can't be done anywhere else" line yet.

Socrates2912d ago

I gotta say, it looks even better than GOW1 on the PS2.

karl2912d ago

well.. im sure they know your 360 would have no problem running this now that it used 100% less cpu power

bakasora2912d ago

Ok time to move on to PSP2

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jony_dols2913d ago

I didn't know Sony Santa Monica made PSP games.........

Ready at Dawn however make great PSP games.

NateNater2913d ago

Lets just say SM and RaD are both amazing!

VINNIEPAZ2913d ago

100%? I believe it. Im 3 hours in and it looks awesome. Tons of stuff going on all the time onscreen, and the lighting is very well done. Also playing with super bass headphone sound crazy. Loving the game so far.

thehitman2913d ago

are u suggesting it can be done on the DS?

sack_boi2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I'm just saying this is complete BS and a sequel would look and run better. Does that mean the game will be using 130% of the PSP?

El_Colombiano2912d ago

Tetris can use 100% of the CPU. I hate it when devs say this. Unless they come out and say their code, at it's current state is taking up 100% of the CPU's cycles, then it's all PR talk. There is *always* room for improvement. I'm sure PS2 could be cranking out games that look better than launch 360 titles no problem if devs stayed focused on that console still. Code is ALL about optimization.

Redempteur2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

it shows on screen ... but the battery energy of my psp was sucked at an alarming rate ... ( or was it the time that felt short ? )

awesome game ..

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NBT912913d ago

Impressive! This is not a one word comment

BannedForNineYears2912d ago

Hmmm, this is not an eight word comment......Now.

IMChampion2913d ago

Damn pirates not even giving the game a chance. You better make sure to buy the game and support the developers.

If you got an early/leaked store copy then that's fine, disregard my comment. At least it was bought.

zero_gamer2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Pirates are the scums of entertainment.

Matthew942913d ago

no they are smart poeple who know good cost cutting measures to continue to enjoy gameing in this economic climate

raztad2913d ago

pirates ruined the PSP.

Socrates2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

No pirates are lazy leeches that suck off the rest of society. They make it hard for the people making our games to keep creating great experiences for us. Pirates are scum that think they deserve something for nothing.

showtimefolks2913d ago

2 analog sticks
a little better textures and graphics power
a little better battery life
and great launch titles with a good price i think maybe $249

if they go 3d and or touch screen i will stay away from that just because i am not fan of either

nickjkl2913d ago

implying you would have ot use the touch screen or 3d

Fishy Fingers2913d ago

If you release a handheld devise that isnt touch screen your pretty silly. It doesnt have to be used as the only input method, but it offers your device far more options now and in the future.

TheLastGuardian2912d ago

If God Of War can be this good on PSP just imagine when Ready At Dawn make the next handheld God of War game for the PSP2.

Close_Second2912d ago have a touch screen. Not so much for gaming but for any apps.

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Convas2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Pre-ordered my copy today, this is a beast game! Haven't bought a game for my PSP in ages, and I was a bit skeptical, but this, this looks like it will be worth it. Between this and Fable 3, I'm set for a bit. Least till Nov 9th that is ...

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