Destructoid: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

"In many ways Ghost of Sparta feels like a love letter to fans, a surprising treat for folks who’ve followed the series since its outset. It also feels like one of the tightest games in the series, with a satisfying, revealing narrative that a few of the games in the series has lacked. By releasing two God of War games in one year, Sony ran the risk of fatiguing even the most faithful supporters. But if the games continue to feel and look this good, two God of War games a year doesn’t sound like such a bad proposition. "

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A Cupcake for Gabe2919d ago

Kicking ass in reviews minus 1 or 2.

NecrumSlavery2919d ago

yeah G4 gave it a 3/5, and one of the Eurogamer sites gave a 7 I believe. But it is averaging about 91%. I loved Chains of Olympus. This one looks awesome too.

Game-ur2919d ago

Capcom need to pull the plug on NT and let Ready at Dawn reboot DMC

VINNIEPAZ2919d ago

Guess I'll copy/paste my opinion in these GoW topics...

If you own a PSP you got to have this game. I'm 3 hours in and its great. Very epic continuing boss fight at the beginning. Also the graphics are great. Really, get this game guys.

SaberEdge2919d ago

I'm getting it. I love the God of War series. I also love having console quality games on my PSP that I can take on trips.