IGN: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Video Review

"Kratos returns for his second outing on the PSP, and it's even prettier than the first. Add in the great story and consistently solid gameplay and we've got one of the best games on the platform."

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gamerzBEreal172912d ago

it seems like psp has just start getting good games (kingdom hearts peace walker ghost of sparta) i hope the PSP2 wont be out for awhile

zootang2912d ago

Have you just started to be interested in the PSP? Because it has plenty of quality titles.

Sheikh Yerbouti2912d ago

Vice City Stories
Pursuit Force 1 & 2
Portable Ops
Killzone Liberation
Logan's Shadow
Liberty City Stories

ico922912d ago

the psp has had a pretty phenomenal year

visualb2912d ago

now can all the story illiterate fools that claim Kratos is a dumb pointless asshole please shut up?

he always had a reason for his anger. fine, it wasn't always made as clear as now, but in a way they probably had to make it obviously clear like CSI has to make it obviously clear there's a knife in the body's back by flashing it in your face 1000 times and refering to it 1000 times


you are why bad movies, scrips and narratives exist!! * shakes fist and ends rant*

UNCyrus2912d ago

Don't forget Valkyria Chronicles II from that list

mastiffchild2912d ago

Tons of good jrpgs actually-FF7 Crisis Core was excellent with one of the most affecting endings I've played in a long while even though we all knew what was happening it was class. But, yeah, loads of great jrpgs on the PSP and the new adaptation of Persona3 is immense for a handheld, imho.

GoS will be amazing judging by the reviews and CoO was similarly stratospheric in a series that, spreading three systems is yet to spawn a single game that was less than immaculately conceived. The belief, though, that PSP had no great games was always bogus and even some that didn't get the love at review they should have(for whatever reason) can still be amazing games-GTPSP has seen me log as many hours into it as ANY handheld game has EVER, Arctic Edge was a cool game too. The two pursuit Force games are great, Both SF games, Locoroco1 and 2, Patapon1 and 2 and messing about creating on LBPPSP has been a brilliant distraction for me and the kids on holidays when it got a bit rainy-just a shame they didn't include the same co-op on everyone's levels the PS3 game did-next time eh MM?

Anyway, tons and tons of good games(I could go on and on)have been put out on the PSP even WITH the homebrew/piracy issues it had since practically launch. I realise it's the accepted wisdom to say it's a total failure for Sony and that PSP2 is an inevitable failure as well but will Sony see it like that?

Sure, DS(in all it's iterations) has been a massive success for Ninty(amazing games and inventive controls supporting them as well as all the casual fluff)and the iPhone(and Touch and iPad) boom seemed to overshadow Sony's portable in sales especially. However, 60million sold is no small change, is it? And when you consider the trouble with piracy and lost dev support that brought with it you start to wonder what could have been and what still could. If the new PSP comes with two analogues, great dev support and a ton of PS2 games downloadable from the PS Store I think they could be back with a bang and if they stay 2D who'#s to say they can't be the cheaper of the two Japanese handhelds this time out? That PS2 library, though, should be key as I'll never catch up[ with the titles I missed on PS2 at home with new PS360 games to get through-but on my travels?

Yeah, they might be portable outsiders but I think they have a good foothold and I wouldn't write ~Sony offd in the portablke market just yet even with 3DS looking so good right now-before they both released who was putting their cash on the bulky, ugly DS or the sleek PSP with all it's horsepower?

VINNIEPAZ2912d ago

If you own a PSP you got to have this game. I'm 3 hours in and its great. Very epic continuing boss fight at the beginning. Also the graphics are great. Really, get this game guys.

rezzah2912d ago

theres a epic boss fight in the beginning of every GOW game.

TOO PAWNED2912d ago

Parasite Eve 3, just saying

Der_Kommandant2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )



SaberEdge2912d ago

I love the God of War games and this one looks really great. The PSP is such an underrated device.

phatak2912d ago

ign!!!! u just redeemed urself with this review

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gamingisnotacrime2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

wow this game is hot
the demo really floored me

i dont see any reason why the game is not a 10/10. what are the cons?

Kurisu2912d ago

I need to dust off my PSP for this.

Der_Kommandant2912d ago

give me some dust, i dont have any

Stationfan2912d ago

Cant wait to play this on My Big Boss psp.

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