Dead Nation - Sorrow Park HD Gameplay Emerged

Good looking game.

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frankymv2967d ago

WHEN IS THIS GAME COMING????????????????!!!!!

raztad2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Good question.

The first thing that came to my mind was KZ:Liberation. Loved that game.


BTW, DN looks beautiful. Housemarque really knows how to code for the PS3.

DORMIN2967d ago

Day One.

Co-op is going to be a blast!

zeeshan2967d ago

Wowww!! I wasn't expecting this game to look this great. I mean it looks great and apparently it is also going to be a LOTTT of fun!!

Sarcasm2967d ago

It does look like KZ Liberation.

I hope there's somewhat of a story to it. Those other top down zombie games got kinda boring after awhile IE: Zombie Apocalypse and Burn Zombie Burn.

Redrum0592967d ago

this shit looks like a shit-laod of fun

cant wait to buy it.

FACTUAL evidence2967d ago

This kinda looks lame to me....I hope a friend DL it so I can gameshare it.....I can't believe so many people were waiting for this.

Godmars2902967d ago

That's all anyone is going to say.


Can't wait for this.

I'm buying a PSN Card today for this game.

pedrami912967d ago

Make an awsome zombie game !

fritzvanburgson2967d ago

Been looking forward to this for awhile now. Glad to of finally seen something like this on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.