Killzone 3 Beta Day 1 Exo Video (Mech's!)

We’ll post a new video every day this week. For day 1, here’s extensive gameplay of the “Exo.” You may also want to pay attention to the audio, as they have definitely beefed it up since Killzone 2

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DoomeDx2919d ago

Do you spend all your days in N4G?

no offense but you always have the first comment on all the killzone 3 related articles! haha :)

Anyways, i agree! Cant wait

frankymv2919d ago

No, I just receive alerts on my phone whenever something Killzone related pops up.

DoomeDx2919d ago

Wow thats cool. how? i would like it too

Kingdom Come2919d ago

But I'm all ears, I have an iPhone 4 and can't currently find an App...

iPad2919d ago

frankmy- 3hours ago
wesley-dw- 3 hours ago.

i think you owned yourself

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aceitman2919d ago

didnt get my code yet and i know i got the theme in good time

4me22919d ago

Good luck then.
I know i did not get it. There was over 600 ratings when I downloaded.

AKA2919d ago

they have to show a tv trailer of this to the JP gamers they will love it!!

rrw2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

youtube anyone

evilbart2919d ago

just got emailed a code,will swap for lbp2 beta if anyone interested

mandf2919d ago

Evilbart, I'm with you on that one. I had a comment of " 50psngames4lbpbeta" Your choice. The best beta this gen for me was lbp.

NBT912919d ago

Trade it with me please ^^

joydestroy2919d ago

i cannot wait to play this game! it's gonna be sooo sick

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The story is too old to be commented.