Experienced Points: Obsidian Does it Again

Shamus Young: "Obsidian Entertainment is a development house that is known for taking other people's hand-me-downs and turning out unfinished sequels. In 2004, they made Knights of the Old Republic 2, a sequel to BioWare's smash hit from just a year earlier. The game was filled with glitches, bugs, unfinished quest lines, and if you search around a bit you'll see it frequently scores in people's Top 10 lists of Worst Videogame Endings Ever. People blamed publisher LucasArts for shipping the game before it was ready. And since the game came out just eighteen months after the original, this seems like a pretty fair charge. After all, it's a safe bet that there were a few months between the release of the first game and the initiation of work on the second. So you're talking about doing a game in just a year, with a new team, using new (to them) tools. There is just no way that was going to end in triumph."

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