Is 1 Million PlayStation Moves Shipped A Good Enough Figure?

Sony last week announced that their month old motion control device has shipped a million units since launch and many people have quickly jumped to take sides; either applauding this or ridiculing it. Strangely both points are valid. - JPS

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Jamegohanssj52918d ago

They predicted 3-4 million sold by the end of the year and they're already at 2.5. It's not even released in the land of the rising sun yet. They're way ahead of schedule.


SixTwoTwo2918d ago

With NPD no longer reporting sales numbers shipped numbers are all we are going to get.

TheBlackSmoke2918d ago

2.5 shipped to retail, Sony sell their stock to retailers, Retailers buy stock based on demand, Move is sold out everywhere, 1+1 = 2.

hikayu2918d ago

and it's not even holiday season just yet ! and i believe that 90% of hardcore gamers , ps3 owners out there are still waiting for a real game to come out that support move . Sport Champion to me feels more like a technical demo than a game .
Move is on track for success , let's hope that they can keep the momentum .

Anon19742918d ago

No one is in the business of stockpiling Move. The whole reason retailers are ordering it is so they can sell it. If it's sold out everywhere - obviously shipped/sold doesn't matter. They're all sold.

The Killer2918d ago

where liars lie bluntly without any shy or shame!

this site ( must be reported for reporting false information!

Sony has already reported a 2.5 million unit shipped with many stores run out of stock! and Sony has yet to report how many shipped controller were sold to Japan!

if the article was referring to USA alone, then the writer should make this clear! otherwise its called misleading information!

BloodyNapkin2918d ago


Sold out everywhere? Everywhere besides where i am at i guess. Maybe i should buy a bunch and put them up on ebay....hmmmmmm.

commodore642918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I called a few of major retailers in my area to get price quotes on Move bundles and ALL OF THEM still had PS Move stock.

All the people that are equating Shipped=Sold need to reconsider their drug habits.
Drugs are bad, mmkay?

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goodfellas272918d ago

I agree with you; I just hope the come out with more games for this bad-boy. Once you seat down and play it, you'll see what's all about. SONY has done a great job with the hardware --again, I just hope the software gets here fast.

nickjkl2918d ago

It's not even released in the land of the rising sun yet

yes it is

jc485732918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

sometimes I get scared with this numbers as it seems like people care more about hardware accessories as opposed to many games that have been released so far.

Parapraxis2918d ago

Well said. I am enjoying Move for the most part.
Some of the demo's are mediocre, but Sports Champions works extremely well, and RE5 was actually quite awesome with Move.
It's a great compliment to the rest of my gaming setup.

tinybigman2918d ago

The question makes it sound like its not going to sell any more.

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units2918d ago

1 Million PlayStation Moves Shipped

soundslike2918d ago

1 Millionz Playstation Ships Move

MisterNiwa2918d ago

Ships 1 Million Move Playstation

AtatakaiSamurai2918d ago

Move 1 million playstation ships

tinybigman2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Id call you something bad, but that would just insult the word id want to use. Do you honestly thing there's a million units just sitting on store shelves or in warehouses?

When I finally paid off my preorder for Move the only thing I could take home was the Nav as the Move itself was soldout.

gamerzBEreal172918d ago

when i heard it i thought thats not alot then i thought well it is just another way to play the game (a controller) so i would say 2 million for a controller in 1 month isn't bad lol

cliffbo2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i wish America wouldn't keep talking in the singular as if they represent the global figure. 'is 1 million + 1.5 million moves shipped good enough'

simple answer: more than good enough

Sweeper_2918d ago

Its not that good considering how big the install base is

Killed4Less2918d ago

and the fact it seems to only be sold to their existing customers. PS3 sales remain flat.

SWORDF1SH2918d ago

not true
11th sept ww sales = 131,000
18th " " = 169,000
25th " " = 185,000
2nd oct ww sales = 171,000
9th " " = 158,000
16th " " = 156,000

move was released the 17th. You do the math.


SWORDF1SH2918d ago

Also August 2010 NPD usa sales = 226,000
Sept " " = 312,000

Move released in September. You do the math.

Source 1;
Source 2;

Motorola2918d ago

you joined 5 hours ago multi account xbox troll. LOL

BloodyNapkin2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

You have not been here long yourself.....

Motorola2918d ago

yeah i know. lol. my first post wasnt troll infected though

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TheBlackSmoke2918d ago

O please, this is sales for a peripheral not a game. 2.5 million moves sold in a month is phenomenal.

Even the all mighty Halo 3 which is the only reason the 360 exists has sold 11 million out of a 43 million install base, You're logic is so stupid, hence why you have 1 bubble.

Trroy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


Are you kidding? 1 million is nearly 10% of the installed US base. In ONE month. That's practically a miracle for a peripheral made 4 years after the console launch.

BloodyNapkin2918d ago

Well it is all good regardless. But most of sale are to the same users buying more then one. I have several friends including myself that bought 2 wands and a nav.