First Kinect Prototype cost Microsoft a whooping $30,000

Gamersmint writes : Think that Microsoft’s charging you too much for Kinect? Think again, since they needed to shell out $30,000 to get the first prototype of the Device.

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gameseveryday2919d ago

what the...I think prototypes are always costly.

cyborg2919d ago

but $30,000 dollars costly? Not so much, also it's amazing how they managed to convert it into something which costs only $150.

Good stuff

NecrumSlavery2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Patents and paper work cost that much, not the technology itself or physical propeties of it. Oh and I would take into consideration things like, lighting set ups, product testing, etc.


DuneBuggy2919d ago

I agree with Cyborg.30k to build the first prototype isnt that high.The first 360 or PS3 prototypes probably cost alot more.
Maybe its because im used to hearing what prototype/concept cars cost being in the biz.

TheLastGuardian2919d ago

Chad Warden wipes his ass with $30,000.

JokesOnYou2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I dont feel sorry for micro, they got tons of $$$$ to spend, and it looks like theres going to be plenty of demand. Hell 360 stuff usually doesn't do so well on Amazon and yet Kinect is at #5 now with about 9days or whatever to go.

-Also according to microsoft at $150 they will be making a profit on each unit sold.

I think micro will get their $30,000 back. lol


tacosRcool2919d ago

too expensive for a prototype of this kind of tech

Triella2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

BS they didn't research anything, the first Kinect "prototype" is the 3DV Time-of-Flight camera from the same-name company which MS bought, they also took a participation in PrimeSens at that time (which also had a 3D sensor developped for navigating menues).

When they saw how expensive it would be to implement the 3DV cam (similar cams price range is 8'000$ to 20'000$), they turned to PrimeSens and their way cheaper RGB-D sensor, took another participation of 20.4 million bucks (acquiring ipso facto the company). But it was still too expensive for mass market so they downgraded the CMOS of the cam from 60fps to 30fps tracking, got rid of the internal chip, and instead opted for a software based solution by Gesturetek. Gesturetek themselves confirmed they are the one providing the licenced software to MS.

And here is the Prime Sens sensor's diagram which was presented way before MS actually got involved with the company, as you can see it's basically Kinect with better features :

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pixelsword2919d ago

That is costly...

... but isn't that spelled "whopping"?

Whooping would suggest a celebratory tone.

PS360fanboy2919d ago

That's like a penny for you and me.

Karooo2919d ago

they should have given us the first one for 150

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