GOW PSP dev making new, original IP

Eurogamer: "The studio behind the God of War PSP games is working on a brand new story driven action adventure that's based on an in-house intellectual property, Eurogamer has learned.

Independent studio Ready at Dawn – the developer behind upcoming PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta – said fans can expect a reveal "soon".

"We haven't narrowed down mechanics," RAD co-founder, creative director and ex-Blizzard staffer Ru Weerasuriya told Eurogamer this afternoon."

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Ghost_Sparta2916d ago

Yes! It will be great! Ready at dawn are really magnific devs, I really predict only great things about this new IP!

TOO PAWNED2916d ago

Would be great if it was PS3 exclusive but based on their comment it seems game is in early stage and they are looking for publisher.
""I can tell you it's going to be whatever platform our engine runs on," he said. "Right now our engine runs on pretty much anything that's available out there." - doesn't make much sense does it?

Sevir042916d ago

said that jsut because they've worked with Sony exclusively doesn't mean they'll automatically become an exclusive partner for PS3/Sony
They said that the engine is tailored to work with multiple platforms so i'm guessing that this game will more than likely be a next gen game but it will be multiplatform! either way i'm pretty sure it'll be good. they've done pretty good work with Okami on the Wii and the 2 GOW games on the PSP. should be a great transition since this engine has been done since 2008. we shall see though.

pedrami912916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

For a Launch title for the PSP2 ?

Ghost_Sparta2916d ago

That would be amazing!!!!

sinncross2916d ago

Perhaps the most likely possibility.
Or the Wii. im under the impression that they arent big enough for full scale HD development right away.

but new IP is the way to go RaD.

sack_boi2916d ago

what's this doing in the X360 section?

jack_burt0n2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

next title will unfortunatley be multiplat. they said this was their last psp game.

goodfellas272916d ago

They said the same thing before, with the first GoW for PSP

sarshelyam2916d ago

I'm dizzy with the possibilities. They are in a league all their own when it comes to the PSP.

Aleusia2916d ago

New IP huh? Just don't make some generic angry bald guy the protagonist and we'll be cool.

I'd like to see something Sci-Fi or maybe Roman instead of Greek. Combine both, a science fiction depiction of the Roman Empire.

Nerox32916d ago

if u think kratos was "Generic" ur one of those genecric hating retarded trolls :D
kratos is one of the best characters,,,,

Aleusia2916d ago

Why is he one of the best characters? I'm not gonna shoot down your opinion because I'm not a retarded troll. I want you to tell me why you like him so much.

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The story is too old to be commented.