John Lennon’s Imagine Album Coming to Rock Band 3

Raising the bar once again for interactive music games with the addition of groundbreaking new features that include keyboards, vocal harmonies and Rock Band Pro Mode, Harmonix Music Systems Inc., the world’s premier music video game developer, and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks, today proudly announced that Imagine, the timeless album from John Lennon, will be among the first albums released as Rock Band 3 downloadable content.

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TheLastGuardian2916d ago

I love John Lennon and Rock Band. I was so happy when I heard Imagine was going to be in Rock Band 3 and now I'm extactic to hear that the whole album is coming.

Jealous Guy is one of my favorite songs ever and I've tried learning it on piano but only learned the basic chord changes. Now I will be able to learn the song better and learn to play the whole album.

I'm so excited for Rock Band 3 especially now that it's getting such great reviews. I just hope this album won't be more than $20 because I heard RB3 DLC is $3 per song because of pro modes.

Jamegohanssj52916d ago

God damnit they're really trying to make me get this. I won't cave in yet. Until I see NIN's full album will be released.


Yuprules2916d ago

Oh yeah, if it's more than $20 for the whole thing, that's just a rip off and people will just not buy it.