Top 10 Most Badass God of War III Moves

GR - Kratos' Top 10 special attacks which aid him in killing the gods of Olympus and their countless minions.

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StillGray2967d ago

Best game on the PS3. Well, next to Uncharted II anyway.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

What about Demon's Souls, Killzone, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers.

RedDead2967d ago

Demons souls is my fav Ps3 game this gen anyway, Killzone 2 was meh compared to U2, God of War etc

Eamon2967d ago

Kids, stay on topic please.


rekof2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Demon's Souls says hi also,.. but yes,. so many of them,... but even though DS,.. probably my favorite game ever made,.. in terms of all-around game,.. would probably still have to give it to MGS4 ,.. It is just that of a beast,.. (or GOW3,.. or U2 :)) or even LBP ,.. damn I get a childish grin on my face even thinking about it,.. Even the damn credits disarm you,..

on topic : that swirly shit I always do with chains.-- I think its Cyclone of Chaos ,.. feels so damn good !

Nerox32967d ago

Best game on PS3 period...MGS4 is awesome too

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gameseveryday2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Kratos ripping Helios's head off!

gunnerforlife2967d ago

that wasnt realy a weapon, more of a hands on experience ¬¬

zootang2967d ago

That was crying out for Move support.

TroyAndAbed2967d ago

I will NEVER forget pressing L3 and R3 in as hard as I possible can...

...or hitting "O" for over an hour...even though you don't have to. Lol.

I really got my rage out on that game. :)

Hudahudahuda2967d ago

i'm still pressing o ill never stop

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