A Quick History of Tribes

This weekend's out of the blue announcement of a new game in the Tribes series of sci-fi shooters by developer Hi-Rez Studios likely has the attention of some old school gamers who remember where they were when the original game in the franchise was first released. However it's also likely that many people reading this web site have never played, or even worse, never heard of the Tribes series.

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CombineElite2918d ago

Starsiege: Tribes

This is the game either Bungie or someone at Microsoft played, then copied, and released it as Halo.

Halo was originally a RTS but M$ needed a hot game to launch the xbox and at the time Starsiege: Tribes was the hottest ticket in town back in 1998 with it's online MP and fast paced space combat.

Enough about history, Tribes is a classic fast pace innovative FPS with jet packs that is sure to make millions of veteran PC gamers happy about the remake.

I'm not dogging Halo in anyway as Halo is a game loved by millions but Starsiege: Tribes influenced it's greatness.

ChozenWoan2918d ago

The mods ppl made where crazy.

My fav was the low grav mods. There was nothing like being able to jet up so high... like really high... like up there... I mean so high that it literally took you over five mins just to fall back down to the ground.

Oh and being able to place force fields, turrets, inventory packs anywhere at any time made the game so dynamic. Just the mere ability to create your own choke points on the fly... sweet.

I hope this game lives up to the Tribe name and delivers the goods.

I feel ya. After playing Tribes 1, Halo just wasn't as ground breaking for me.