NBA 2K8: Both PS3 & 360 versions locked at 60 fps

During E3, we were quite surprised to see that NBA 2K8 didn't make any appearances, even behind closed doors. Sure enough, the Visual Concepts team seems to have adopted the adage of not busting out the game until they it confident that it would rock socks. So, does it, at 75% completion? We can't say for sure, since it was a hands-off demo that we saw during the end of the day at Games Convention, but we can say for certain that the developers are looking to add quite a bit to this year's update, if not another full game built-in.

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Schmitty075636d ago

.......before someone comes in and claims which version will be superior.

nasim5636d ago

since they are not making this ps3 exclusive

They should abandon the low powered x360 version altogether.

i dont know why they are still producing games for x360 --the least selling console in EU and JAPAN.

wii has overtaken the x360 already in gLOBAL SALES

SlappyMcTaint5636d ago

Motherphuck EA, Go Go Go 2k!!

How long will it be before EA realizes they have to put some effort into their games to survive this generation?

TheXgamerLive5635d ago

Xbox 360
pick the 360--29% pick 360 (221,430 votes)consoles sold

pick the PS3--19.9% pick PS3 (152,125 votes)consoles sold

pick the Wii--51% pick Wii (389,439 votes)consoles sold

Syko5636d ago

No surprise, didn't 2K sports state that all their games will run at 60fps on both systems? I am pretty sure they did.

MK_Red5636d ago

True. They did state that their games will run at 60 fps on both platforms.
2K is not as lazy as EA then :)

IPlayGames5636d ago

Since EA open the development to other types of tiles there sports game have suffered.

reaperxciv5636d ago

we will be spared from hearing "2k sports sux" from those whining crybabies this time.

PureGamer5636d ago

which one will be better if any? i think they will probs be the same.

junk565636d ago

EA and Ubisoft love to make jokes.

2k is the serious one of the bunch

power of Green 5636d ago

Its just basketball anything more complex is a different story. Some devs aready said simpler games do not challage devs with 60fps as much as other types of games.

sajj3165636d ago

and football (american) is more complex? Yes, is there a lot going on with the environment (weather, stadium, etc) but I'd say that 60 fps is quite possible. FIFA 2008 (confirmed at 60 fps) has those same environments (probably minus the snow). In soccer its 11 on 11. Football plays are scripted with AI triggered on situational variables. Football crowds are not as dynamic as soccer crowds.

TheXgamerLive5635d ago

We'll all only believe this when we see it, and someone plays it.

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The story is too old to be commented.