PS3 Playstation Move sales gain amid short supply

Sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move controller for the Playstation 3 gained this week at Inc. amid short supply of the product at the retailer.

This week, the Playstation Move held a 17 percent sales increase to rank at No. 17 in Amazon’s Video Games division.

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BrianG2967d ago

I contributed to that number this week.

Lifendz2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'm intrigued, but I'm going to hold off until the price drops a bit. It seems like some games (Sports Champions) are best experienced with a 2nd move controller and, while the nav control is not necessary for most games, I still want one. So once I can get all that for a reasonable price, I think I'll make the plunge.

JoeReno2967d ago

If the sales stay strong I wouldnt expect much in the way of hardware pricedrop. Software, sure but the Move controller will most likely stay steady like the prices on a duelshock.

BrianG2967d ago

I was a bit skeptical to Lifendz, but I use a few survey web sites that I can get Amazon gift cards for taking surveys. I used the money I got from that to buy Move, and I'll probably do the same for the Nav controller. But when games like KZ3 and Sorcery come out thats when I'll use my cash.

TheLastGuardian2967d ago

I doubt the price is going to drop anytime soon. If your interested you might as well buy it now.

moparful992967d ago

I think sorcery will be "the game" that move needs.. That killer app every one is screaming about.. Me personally, while i'm uber excited about sorcery, am going to enjoy my move regardless... Killzone 3 is going to prove why move is a better choice for not only the core but the casual audiences as well...

Game-ur2967d ago

I hade to order a standalone Move controller and Navigator from Amazon, local stores only selling the bundle, dumb clerks don't even know their merchandise.

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cliffbo2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

this thing could sell between 6 - 7 million by the end of this year

@Lifedz. why don't you just do what all my friends have done. buy one MOVE controller and take it round to your friends to play.

sayonara892967d ago

Fiscal year (march 2011) - fixed ;)

Zir02967d ago

And still it can't surpass Kinect. But at least its still selling.

cliffbo2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

i would really hold out for the end of the year before you brag about sales of Kinect V MOVE, my friend, we wouldn't want yet another bunch of fanboys with egg on their faces now would we

jack_burt0n2967d ago

so u complain about trolls and yet become one, funny how life works like that lol.

N4WAH2967d ago

There was a time he wasn't one?
All of his post are one sided.

eggbert2967d ago

I'd be a billionaire with the stock market!

All in all, both peripherals will probably do well. The Move is already doing good, and Kinect seems to be getting a decent amount of hype from casuals.

I don't think either of them is going to have the mass market appeal of the Wii though, I still barely know anyone who actually knows anything about either the Move or Kinect.

SpinalRemains1382967d ago

You're not a shareholder so let's discuss what matters here. The Move is miles and miles ahead of Kinect when it comes to quality and fun. That's why we play games.

lowcarb2967d ago

And how so? It's a 2nd (WII CLONE) controller with no true exclusives made for it. I tried it and sure as heck don't know what makes it so fun. By now anybody with a brain should know Kinect will outsell Move.

JoeReno2967d ago


Kinect exculsives like 3dance games, a few fitness, and casual games up thee wazoooo? I presonally would rather play games of a higher quality that have a Move support added on (and well done) than the exclusive line up that you are talking about.

BulletProofVess2967d ago

kinect sales will surpass the moves once it comes out

either way its pure speculation
and trolling as it has nothing to do with the article at hand

JoeReno2967d ago


You have waayyy too many bubbles for the troll that u are. I can count on reading your BS in every ps/move thred.

bustamove2967d ago


Kinect has nothing to do with the article.

N4WAH2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Because we all know sales equal quality! /s

I know as a fan of gaming on the 360 I personally cant wait for a device that wont appeal to me and is catered to casuals only. I'm so excited I can barely think straight! I keep telling myself only a few more days to go, only a few more days to go! /s x10

mopground2967d ago

ms wont show how many are returned

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Sweeper_2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Dont expect many comments here because Playstation fans dont care about sales.At least thats what they say when their console gets beat every month in the NPD

@ below
Fable 3 is released tommorow

moparful992967d ago

I think that should be the 1 bubble clubs official creed.. Sales, above all else, matter the most. Quality, variety, and affordability are secondary. We pledge allegiance to vgchartz, npd, and media create. Games are dead! Sales are alive!

AceofStaves2967d ago

Why shouldn't Playstation fans comment on an article about a peripheral for their console? It's the Kinect fanboys who don't really have any reason to post here. But I suppose you won't call that side of the aisle out. That would be too logical.

I don't understand this obsession with monthly sales figures. Do you get a thrill when your console of choice sells more than the others? Does your pulse race when the competitors' consoles are lower on the list? Does your company 'winning' in any given month make you feel like you accomplished something? If so, I can't see why. Even if you owned stock in the company, month-to-month sales reports wouldn't mean as much as quarterly reports and assessments.

segamaniaco2967d ago

Kinect will be a sales fiasco

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