Gran Turismo 5 releasing on Dec 1st?

PSB: Popular online retailer HMV has listed Gran Turismo 5 for a Dec 1st release date which falls on a Wednesday, the same date that GT 5 was previously supposed to release on.

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sack_boi2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I can't believe will still don't have a firm release date on this game. It's ridiculous.

I'm just hoping it's still slated 2010 at this point.

Redrum0592913d ago

i just cant believe that i was sapposed to have the game by next tuesday.
damn this sucks.

it better still be in Nov.

Dee_912913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

and here comes the waterworks =(

tacosRcool2913d ago

Its gonna release before the year is up

thematrix12982913d ago

Once I see it in the store shelf then I'll believe it. Or when Canada Post delivers the game + wheel then I'll believe it :P

RedDead2913d ago

Getting sick of all these articles:

Gran Turismo 5 releasing on Dec 1st?
Gran Turismo 5 releasing in November?
Gran Turismo 5 releasing 2011?

Stop making guesses for F sake

Sheddi2913d ago

Stop approving these "articles"!

GoldPS32913d ago

LOL agree. Making me sick too. We should wait for an official date from Sony.

ash_divine2913d ago

That's pretty much what I came in here to say. How bout we all just wait until they actually announce the date? The speculation really isn't worth it.

Pennywise2913d ago

There is only like 8 weeks before christmas with only 8 possible game release dates... so expect about 6 more articles about guesstimates.

Canas20102913d ago

Yeah I totally feel your pain. I'm starting to resent the game a little at this point. Well at least until it finally drops. I just wish the community would leave GT5 alone until it's out.

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ElementX2913d ago

I'm so sick of all these articles speculating on the release date. Just wait for an official announcement!

jony_dols2913d ago

I was in Game in Dublin yesterday, and they said that GT5 is definetely coming out on Nov 5. They said that they recieved a release update on friday last week.

If thats the case, then it should be going gold this week.......

DaBadGuy2913d ago

Shit or get off the pot Polyphony.

ash_divine2913d ago

and what's worse is that they're taking their sweet time announcing the new date. Resulting in these type of articles.

MGRogue20172913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

The game will be out before Christmas, I can assure you. -.-

Narutone662913d ago

that there are enough copies of the game when it is released. I would be annoyed if I went to a store and the game is out of stock.

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The story is too old to be commented.