Sony PSP Go-ne

We Got This Covered outlines the recent price cut on Sony's latest version of its handheld console and what it means for the PSP Go.

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movements2919d ago

LOL, nice title. They tried, they failed and they've moved on, trying to bring gamers second-to-none experiences. It's all part of being a great company!

darthv722919d ago

an original 1000 and a GO. I like how I can buy a game and dl it on both units. The GO is a real convenience for its size but damn you sony for not offering in a trade in/up policy.

I'd rather take my collection of UMD's (18) in digital form without it costing me the fortune it was to originally acquire them.

Blaze9292918d ago

I'm still on a PSP-1000 - never really saw a reason for me to upgrade to any of the newer models.

Mr_Bun2918d ago

My first PSP was a Go. I love it. My only beef is that the entire UMD catalogue isn't available for d/l

Cloudberry2918d ago

And not even a day without playing it.

Ghost Of Sparta is next.

TheHip142919d ago

never was a fan of the PSP, always been a DS guy

Skullomania2917d ago

Well that's funny coz i've had so much play hour on my PSP, i rarely touch my DS.

MJ19912919d ago

yep same, always preferred DS to the PSP

Magnus2918d ago

I like the 1000 when it first came out the quality that went behind building it plus it was comfortable. My 3001 just feels cheap with the silver paint finish and its to thin. As for the Go i tried it out at Best Buy I don't like it its uncomfortable and the lack of UMD's.

Joni-Ice2918d ago

and been loving it since day 1. At the end of day, a PSP is still a PSP.

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