Top 10 Frustrated and Controller-Flinging Moments in Gaming

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "I have decided to make a list of the ultimate moments in games that have annoyed me and stuck with me because of the severe level of frustration that they cause my brain. Hopefully you may spot some familiar incidents among the list and be able to relate with quite a few of them..."

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BeOneWithTheGun2967d ago

Pick any level from Demon's Souls to top that list. Great game. Couldn't stop playing it but after traversing through the Tower of Latvia and getting to that chick NPC as you walk up that walkway at then end and getting taken out...airborne controller storm warning in my area.

BiggCMan2967d ago

you know, as hard as demons souls is. i never got really pissed at it like i have with a small amount of other games. its just not that type of game to me. its definitely hard, but also very quiet and slow. you learn from your mistakes in that game, so dying was never a bad thing. thats one thing i love so much about it.

Raptura2967d ago

Dead Rising 1 and 2 did this for me.

TroyAndAbed2967d ago

Where The Wild Things Are...

If anyone else played it, you'll know which section I'm talking about.

GoldPS32967d ago

Wow that xbox controller got destroyed.

bjh0892967d ago

haha totally agree with sonic 3 i remember that crap.

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