G4TV: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

In the end, Ghost Of Sparta plays it just a little too safe to truly live up to its most recent predecessor, but then again perhaps it has to as the likely last entry for the five-year-old series. It’s solid and reliable, but completely predictable—though in a way that doesn’t rob the experience of one iota of fun. God Of War III might be the encore, but Sparta is a respectable curtain call.

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OpenGL2918d ago

Interesting as IGN gave it a 9.5

Honestly, the graphics look fantastic considering it's a handheld, and the PSP first released almost 6 years ago. If the game is anything like Chains of Olympus, it should be a blast.

Akagi2918d ago

Well they gave Other M 2/5 so this must be good.

tweet752918d ago

not that its a bad game just "more of the same"

Homicide2918d ago

Yeah, it's tiring seeing more of the same since you know, we've seen one earlier this year, as well as late last year (the GOW collection). Let's not forget all those clones of War on the market.

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The story is too old to be commented.