Sony: Kinect-style experience 'pretty cumbersome'

R&D guru Dr. Richard Marks says magical feeling "wears off pretty quickly"

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Zir02919d ago

"I totally agree that there is this magical feeling with using your hands to select something." Even Sony admits its, that feeling is all a casual will need to buy Kinect, since its the same affect the Wii had.

Shadow Flare2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"I totally agree that there is this magical feeling with using your hands to select something."

And you can do that with the pseye. Your point?

sack_boi2919d ago

You mean "she/he is a point?"

And do you can't really compare Kinect to an Eyetoy you know, just watch this, you might have a change of heart

ryuzu2919d ago

The magical feeling lasts from the time you get the box from the shelf until you have to pay - How much!!! For a camera!!!



Shadow Flare2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Sackboi, if you were trying to impress me with kinect, then that video was the most impressive kinect video I've seen, cos most I've seen are laughable

What it comes down to is this: do people want a simpler gaming experience or do people want a better gaming experience? Because if you use the wii as a benchmark, then kinect is simpler to use, and move is better and more accurate to use, which in my opinion adds to the gameplay experience greatly

If your asking me if the pseye alone could do those games you showed in the video, then I'd say for a lot of them, no it couldn't. But that's where the move comes in. Not only could move do those kinect games but they'd do them far better. Take table tennis for example. Move would be able to do it vastly better then kinect, every tiny motion captured

So that's what it comes down to for me. Do you want a simpler gaming experience or a better one? I'll take the latter

sack_boi2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"If your asking me if the pseye could do those games you showed in the video, then I'd say for the majority of them, no it couldn't. But that's where the move comes in."

I agree with most of what you said, but how would you play the soccer game they demoed with the Playstation Move?

Apocalypse Shadow2919d ago

they've never wanted a better's why they chose component systems and's why they chose hd-dvd over bluray before it's why they choose to pay $50-$60 dollars for online and only get's why they choose arcade over's why they choose an inaccurate camera that isn't NATAL over and accurate controller.

360 fans just choose to have lower standards.and they want us to leave them alone and not tell them they could do better.and not let microsoft price gouge them.

on topic,we know that pseye can do most of what kinect can do.i could post dr marks and his 3d avatar with hands using move.i could post trials of topaq review from youtube and show the guy controlling a gui very well just using his hand.but why bother?they'ld rather just live in mediocrity.

Shadow Flare2919d ago

Tape the controller to your leg *rolls eyes*


JokesOnYou2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Oh Ok he's a sony employee. Nevermind.

I'll just say alot of people doubted the wii, I was one of them, but I respect nintendo for sticking to their guns and supporting it and we all know how that turned out.


edit: @ sack_boi, cool video, kinect looks pretty accurate, they look like they were having alot of fun, I can definitely see the casual crowd getting into those games.

darthv722919d ago

"they've never wanted a better's why they chose component systems and's why they chose hd-dvd over bluray before it's why they choose to pay $50-$60 dollars for online and only get's why they choose arcade over's why they choose an inaccurate camera that isn't NATAL over and accurate controller."

I must have missed the memo that said when company A does something, Companies B and C must follow the exact same business model. If you are satisfied with what company A offers then dont discredit what company B and C are doing differently. That just makes you look bad about company A.


You should have nothing to fear or be insecure about when it comes to how MS does their product/services. No offense man, you are heavily coming off that way. Let it go.

Apocalypse Shadow2919d ago

when i'm getting the BETTER experience?

better game quality
better high def media
better online capability up to 256 player
better hardware
better 3D
better motion accuracy

yeah...i'm shaking.........

ComboBreaker2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"But that feeling wears off pretty quickly, and it becomes a pretty cumbersome way to do things."

I feel the same way. That magically feeling will wear off pretty quick, and soon after, people will realize how combersome and limited Kinect actually is.

darthv722919d ago

"why would i be insecure
when i'm getting the BETTER experience?

better game quality
better high def media
better online capability up to 256 player
better hardware
better 3D
better motion accuracy

yeah...i'm shaking........."

That is what you should be focusing on. It's good that you are getting that out. Dont waste your time on a platform accessory that has nothing to prevent you from following that list. That is what I am talking about.

The insecurity perspective is very common. We hate what we fear most. Maybe somewhere inside you there is that feeling, that "what if" so to speak. What if kinect becomes a hit. What if MS is able to capture so many people with their lies.

You see what i'm saying? Lately you are dwelling on the release of something you shouldnt. Thinking you need to be the voice of reason amongst the millions of ears who have gone deaf due to casual corruption. Bottom dont have to. They will find out for themselves.

Let it go man...let it go.

inveni02919d ago

That really is the most impressive Kinect video I've ever seen. It actually seems to be what they say it can be (well...besides all the outrageous Milo). But you have to remember that those people aren't playing at home. They're in a controlled environment. Did you see the part where the game kept telling that guy to "Move Back"? It was saying that because it couldn't see his entire body.

There is a large market for Kinect. That much is for sure. But there is a very small percentage of that market that will have an entertainment environment that suits Kinect's requirements (which probably aren't on the box).

Move, on the other hand, has proven that it works at home exactly like it works on stage. Here's hoping Kinect can do the same. Otherwise, there's going to be some busy return desks on December 26th.

Hideo_Kojima2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I remember selecting the buttons in the game menus with my hands by using my Eye Toy over 5 years ago...

and Suck_Boi i have played almost all of those games on my PS2... notice how a lot of games only use 2 dimensions...

Shepherd 2142919d ago

is that the Eyetoy never worked well, at all.

sikbeta2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

No Freaking way free-hand-gaming-fanobys, I play games with a joystick, I need buttons, not waggle my hands like a 5 years old kid playing in the park, like an idiot, why is so difficult to understand?

ShinMaster2918d ago

Exactly! Haha
I wasn't aware that hands-free gaming fanboys already existed.

Most of these people here on N4G won't even buy it. I don't get why they try so hard.

Bigpappy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

All they need to do, is what their fans say they should do. Enable the PSeye to do what Kinect is attempting to do and show up M$ for the frauds they are. PSeye suppossibly has better spec to do things faster and at a higher resolution (So I was told by the N4G motion specialist).

So instead of taking these lame shots, why not re-release those great EYEtoy games that the PS3 guys claim are being cloned by Kinect. They could make a killing off of M$ advertising hands free. People seem to be buying into what M$ is doing. If you can't beat them, join them.

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rroded2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

fact is these guys know what their talking about having walked the same path with the eye hence the evolution of the move.

Most of the kids who get this will move up ta halo after a few days those who dont will prob let this collect dust next to the wii.

ARBitrator2919d ago

According to Sony the wii-mote was suppose to wear off quickly. The wii was also a passing fad.

radphil2919d ago

"The wii was also a passing fad."

Actually it is. More and more people are playing on the 360/PS3 while having the Wii either collecting more dust, or having their kids use it.

DuneBuggy2919d ago

Thats true radphil. It only took almost half a decade for Nintendo's console to start selling at numbers the 360/PS3 are somewhat satisfied with.And they did it with surprisingly few price cuts over 4 years using last gen hardware. Its still got a commanding first place lead WW too and will remain so for a long time..
I doubted it would have been such a sucsessful console and dont want one, but credit must be given when its due.

radphil2919d ago


Well the $200 starting price tag was a huge factor as well, given with how 360 was $300-400 in some places, and PS3 started at $600(man I remember when people went dead silent at that price)

DuneBuggy2919d ago

A "base" 360 has been somewhat close if not at the Wii's price point for a majority of the last 4 years or so.Wii was $249.00 at launch.
Sure the price posed a factor,but the "family friendly" control scheme was a huge draw.

sikbeta2918d ago

The wii start to collect dust after the first month of buying it, the N-crowd is genious, they created a thing that looks revolutionary and awesome for like 1 week and then you get bored of it while the money of every wii sold goes to the Cayman Islands... damn, they're smart...

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Xbro2919d ago

Then they go on to admit that it's cumbersome and wears of quickly.

guess you forgot that part brother?

Qui-Gon Jim2919d ago

"But that feeling wears off pretty quickly, and it becomes a pretty cumbersome way to do things," added the man behind EyeToy and PS Move.

Zir0, you take quotes out of context as well as any of the hack video game journalists (not all are hacks, though).

If that's what gets people to buy Kinect, and it does wear off and become cumbersome, then people will just regret the purchase and it will only be a flash-in-the-pan success.

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D4RkNIKON2919d ago

So will it's sales. When people realize what Kinect is, and what it is really capable of, it will be back in the bargain bin

THE MAX SPEED 212919d ago

You guys always find a way to troll.

Shanks2919d ago

He didn't troll you're just a mad fanboy.
And what he said is not that far from the truth.

Xx Ziyad xX2919d ago

so now THE MAX SPEED 21 who the one is fanboy . but D4RkNIKON he is an angle who tell a truth

gta_manic2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The most dangerous of them all...

THE MAX SPEED 212919d ago

Please explain to me how I am a Fanboy? This is ridiculous.

I'm stating the Obvious here . Shank is D4RkNIKON's other account he uses to troll.

karl2919d ago

maybe they are trolling but dude.. u need to admit that kinect isnt for gamers.. and the thing sucks..

it doesnt even need a chance in the real world.. we all know it sucks.. we all have seen it.. whats with that about waiting for it to come out and play it?

there are a hundred videos that show just the same crap that u will have to endure..

just face it.. this thing is for your mom not u

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Zir02919d ago

Did the Wii end up in the bargain bin?

sashimi2919d ago

The Wii started in the bargain bin... compared to the Xbox360/Ps3...

Wh15ky2919d ago

"Did the Wii end up in the bargain bin?"

It may aswell have, as far as most gamers are concerned. I used to have a Wii and although I did enjoy some games on it, they were few and far between IMO. I'm glad I sold it when I did, when it was still worth something.

frostypants2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

The Wii worked as advertised. Kinect doesn't (or at least there's zero evidence that it does).

ryuzu2918d ago

Well probably 90% of the Wii's games seem to hit the bargain bin pretty quick, and the Wii itself is pretty cheap and readily available used atm...

So, yes is the answer.

Hopefully there's room in those bins for Kinect - otherwise, well I guess they'll just put them straight into the trash lol.

Where has all this Wii love suddenly come from anyway - look over at the Wii articles - no one is talking about anything over there. All those owners, and no one cares about the platform enough to read and comment on news about it....

If nothing else, the PS3 owners are passionate enough to comment, and then there's a few MS trolls to spice things up.


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Simco8762919d ago

I want to agree with you Nikon, but simply can't.

I have seen what happens when you throw something like the Wii on the market. Casuals don't care about how the system preforms or what "simple" things it can do.

It's new and something they haven't seen before. Its going to be huge, and Microsoft fanboys will love to brag about it outselling Move. You just have to be ready for stuff like this..

sackgirl2919d ago

Enjoy your casual console then.

kneon2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Except the Wii was riding on the coat tails of Mario et al. They have characters and games people recognize and that is worth a lot. Microsoft doesn't have that in casual games.

Kinect will likely sell well but don't be expecting anything like Wii numbers.

AceofStaves2919d ago

You can't really compare Kinect to the Wii, however, since Microsoft lacks the strong stable of recognizable, family-friendly characters that Nintendo has. The Wii wouldn't have been as successful without Mario, Zelda, etc.

Kinect is going to have strong initial sales. That's a given. How long-term those sales gains will be, and whether or not the Kinect software library catches on with Kinect's target audience, are questions we won't be able to answer until after the holiday season in the U.S.

Qui-Gon Jim2919d ago

Nintendo has a 30 year history as a family friendly video game company. For much of that time the name Nintendo was synonymous with video games. I'm not saying that Microsoft can't succeed with Kinect, but they do have an uphill battle with their image.

edhe2919d ago

@aceofstaves don't need characters when you have avatars to fill in the gaps.

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iPad2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I think Kinect is gonna be like the original Xbox. It'll be here for a few years and boom. It's gone.

This is my opinion btw.

ComboBreaker2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"It'll be here for a few years and then bam! It disappear underneath the bottom of an avatar's shoe."

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Dr. Richard Marks from Sony have a lot of Experience making Motion gaming. And you can see videos of Tech demos from him.

10 Years ago he was developing a prototype of PS Move, along with Eyetoy. Now it have a lot of Knowledge about this stuff and why is so limited without buttons.

Garnett2919d ago

just like the wii?

Your just a mad Fanboy who still thinks Wii will be a fad.

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dosgrtr2919d ago

and n4g is biased towards sony /sarcasm

mcstorm2919d ago

What is it with this site not likein kinect? Not one ps fan said the Wii would take off yet it is miles ahead in sales and the ps3 now has its own verson of the Wii with move and that's the best thing ever made. Kinect is not even out yet and you are calling it a fail. You need to look at MS as a company to see what will sell and not sell by how much they back it with. Xbox cam had no backin and did not take off kin had no backing did not take off then look at windows 7 Xbox 360 windows phone 7 all getting big backing and all selling well. Kinect will be a big hit on the 360 And the change MS need to make the Xbox image a all round console for the core and family gamers.

PeeWizzle2919d ago

I agree Sony! Whole heartedly!!!!!! This shit just ain't sexy at all.