Release of the week: Fable III

Fable fans are used to hearing some bold claims from series creator Peter Molyneux. Molyneux has a habit of discussing games that are under development and imagining a world where those games are symbols of perfection. Because of this, much of the recent discussion of Fable III has been over how it has dropped much of the Kinect support that Molyneux had promised. This week, gamers will get the chance to see everything that did make it into one of the largest choice-based RPGs.

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roblef2914d ago

Shoulda been the release of the week! Fools!

bgrundman2914d ago

I agree, the release of the week SHOULD have been Rock Band 3!

Davedough2914d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree. Fallout New Vegas owns my face. Fable what? Peter Molewho?

crunchychocobo2914d ago

Seriously, stop making me pumped for Fable III. I have too much on my plate as it is.