Evil Avatar's Shotgun 91: Top O' The Blogosphere!

Evil Avatar: Hey everybody, this week it’s a two-host throw down with Modeps and Kragg. Pwnophobia was too busy training by running through the snow and chopping wood to be here tonight. This week we talk about bugs, and not the kind in a motel bathroom either. We’re talkin’ about the kind that spoil the sixty dollar game you just bought. Kragg gives impressions on Fallout: New Vegas, and why you should keep a flyswatter handy when you play it. Then Modeps talks about DJ Hero 2 and a mysterious issue that seemed to crop up along with the 1′s and 2′s. This begs the burning question “what is worse? A game releasing on time with bugs to be patched later, or delaying to squash the little buggers beforehand?” Modeps also gives us a crash course in God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, and we announce the winners of the Twitter giveaway for Amnesia: Dark Descent! All that and another huge round of weekly releases on this episode of Shotgun!

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