Review: God of War: Ghost of Sparta -- Examiner

Hot off a successful entry of God of War for the PSP, developers at Ready at Dawn seemed to be done with the PSP as they sent their development kits back to Sony. Earlier this year, Sony offered the last entry of the home console trilogy with the release of God of War 3 -- which was an amazing title in all regards -- so it was only right to allow PSP gamers the right to wage war with the gods at least one more time. Ready at Dawn was up to the task to deliver another handheld entry of the beloved franchise and they are bridging the storyline between the end of the God of War and the start of the God of War 2. Kratos may have defeated Ares, taken the thrown of ‘God of War’, so now the story here tells the tale of why Kratos still has hatred for the gods and sheds light on his younger brother, Deimos.

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