9.0 God of War: Ghost of Sparta review said: "God of War: Ghost of Sparta is not only a game for fans, but it's a game recommended for all owners of a PSP, even though the ending within a day. It is quite worthy to wear the name of this already legendary series and the gameplay offers little new, as his story is more a highly entertaining slice of an already huge cake."

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freeman292913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

This game is getting strange notes, some give 9 and others 7, it's very strange.

TOO PAWNED2913d ago

7s are probably from guys that don't like GOW

raztad2913d ago

Likely. There are a few GoW haters out there. It cant be helped.

deafwing2913d ago

gt just gave it a 9.4 on there video review ... sounds good but really didn't any of these matter, I was getting this regardless ... I finally have a reason to wipe the cake of dust that has found it's way onto my psp :D

AtatakaiSamurai2913d ago

only eurogmer has given this a 7. others have given 9s and 9.5s

Mandaspt2913d ago

It's another great GOW.

MGRogue20172913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

This is using 100% of the PSP's power..

I know this because I used CWCheat's fps analysis while playing the demo aswell as the full game via custom firmware 5.50 Prometheus & noticed that it was always between 80-100% in CPU Usage.

Pretty awesome. :)

foker2913d ago

It certainly looks like it,.. It looks mindboggling,..