SideQuesting - How the Nintendo 3DS Foreshadows the Wii 2

SideQuesting - Nintendo, having learned that great games will excite both gamers and press more-so than just technology for their upcoming 3DS, looks to employ the same tactic when they eventually announce the Wii successor.

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eagle212967d ago

Next E3 will reveal their new home console. I bet it will hit Spring 2012 (and I already know I'm getting it). I also think Microsoft will bring out their new one Fall 2012. And Sony in 2013.

frankymv2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I think Nintendo and MS will launch new consoles in fall 2011 and Sony in fall 2012. I really don't see the Wii going another full year after Move and Kinect.

matey2967d ago

Wii2 if it hits in Q1 2012 then Ninty would have 2 major home consoles 1 4 every1 and a more core 1