New Sims 3 console screens‎

CVG: EA's just released these new screens for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of The Sim 3, which launch in the UK on October 29.

The game's coming out on the same day for DS, and a week later for Wii.

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SkyCrawler2942d ago

Hopefully you can build more than one story this time.

Dee_912942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

and yea the mouse is way better for this game
... i wonder if you can get the mouse and keyboard for ps3 to work with it ?
that would be nice

btk2942d ago

My kids played Sims on PC and PS3. They prefer the PC with mouse controls.

mushroomwig2942d ago

Games like this will always work better with a mouse. I wonder if Move support is a possibility for the future.

bakagaijin782942d ago

Move support would be great for a game like this!

Errod882942d ago

what will the trophies and achievements be like easy or hard...

Reckless7182942d ago

this would be crazy if theres an online mode that lets you invite people to your house (to show off your house)

Bounkass2942d ago

Move would be pretty sweet! M/KB compatibility would be even better imo. Not many games support it, so I doubt The Sims 3 will either... Oh well, one way to find out!