Fable III: First 15 minutes HD Gameplay Footage

GB: WARNING - May contain possible spoilers (Avoid if you don’t want to ruin the beginning of the game)

A guy has uploaded the first 15 minutes of Fable 3 and it’s a treat to watch. I won’t be detailing much of what we saw but it’s looking to be a great game.

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gameseveryday2913d ago

Is there a word to describe the game? I think epic...BUT will it live to all the promises, not sure on that

visualb2913d ago

looks great =) i never enjoyed fable tbh, dno why =/ might check this out though =D

dtalon32913d ago

I can tell you that once again it does not fulfill all the promises! what I can say is that it is my favorite fable so far. If only Peter M. would realize
when wesay we want more customization options that along with being able to change colors of things I WANT MORE THAN 8 outfits in the damn game.

very fun though i got addicted and beat the crap out of it

Baka-akaB2913d ago

i want to able able to choose my damn face already .

We know the game can hardly be as good as others for the writing and plot ... but come on , if what you got to propose is freedom and choice in an adventure , do it properly and fully .

cyborg2913d ago

but I will wait for the PC version. Easier to fix bugs, etc

xYLeinen2913d ago

Do you really think bugs etc. are that big of a issue with SP titles? Sure there might be a bug here and there, but in todays SP games I've yet to see a bug which messes up gameplay, progression etc or is annoying at all.

Neckbear2913d ago

" in todays SP games I've yet to see a bug which messes up gameplay, progression etc or is annoying at all."

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Oblivion.

Uh. Alot of games have game-breaking bugs in Single Player.

dangert122913d ago

lol all from the same engine thats saying something lol

AtatakaiSamurai2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

this is actually looking really good. the graphics have a much better quality to it. the game is releasing in a couple of days but not much has been shown about it till this. its good to see something substantial before launch

combat mechanics look far more fluid and dynamic than before too. looking very interesting.

DOMination2913d ago

I got it today and it's essentially fable 2 so far. Even all the music is the same. But thats a good thing loving it so far

PRHB HYBRiiD2913d ago

it came out today?? damm i want that game me and my buddy used to play fable 2 alot in co-op

militant072913d ago

fable 2 co-op was horrible.

i think they fixed in 3

PRHB HYBRiiD2912d ago

yea now u can actually use your hero not a damm henchmen

rekof2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

How is this a good thing ?!!? I am sorry to be a bit scared,.. Fable 1 was a beast though !

Still think Populous 3 and Dungeon keeper 2 were his best titles ,.. Fable 1 disappointed me so much,..

Killed4Less2913d ago

It didn't come out to day but the pirates got a hold of it.

I like the first 2 so looking forward to purchasing it when it releases.

DOMination2913d ago

No it's out on friday and to clarify on 4.3, I did not pirate the game, but work for a retail specialist in the UK that let us purchase games early.

dtalon32913d ago

fable 3 co-op is much all the guild seals you and your friend earn stay with you through to your own game. Plus you get to keep your hero the way he/she looks. my wife and I have enjoyed the co- op experience so far.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

the game looks beautiful but its very very similar to fable 2 though.

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