New PS3 Assassin's Creed images surface

Every time we see pictures of this game, we can't help but be in awe. What with this latest batch of screenshots to come about, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed for the PlayStation 3 is looking sweeter and sweeter.

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HaHa5391d ago

another dazzling ps3 exclusive ;)

ASTAROTH5390d ago

"IT IS CG!" Thats the comment fanboys are going to make about this game. Better yet: "It looks good, but is SUPER DUPER SURELY IT WILL COME FOR THE 360" I hope they dont need to use a PS3 to play this game.

ACE5390d ago

it look bland low res textures etc hmmmmmmm.

hopfully the game will make up for it or it will be polished some more , they still have like 6-7+ months to develop it ....

oh it is coming to the 360 lol :)

Asuka5390d ago

until someone can provide me a link to an OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE from Ubisoft that states that this game is coming to 360, Assassins Creed is for PS3 only.

Anyone that gives a link to any site or any source that isn't an Official Press Release from Ubisoft means nothing, PERIOD.

TheMART5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

If it were an exclusive, Ubisoft would say:

"AC is a PS exclusive. It won't be on other systems."

But they're avoiding these words very strict. All they say is: "AC is not announced on other systems". So if it was bought off by Sony as an exclusive, they would say it. Face it. And this game was on X05 in Amsterdam as Project Assassin. It has been registerd all around the internet. Google it.

For real. Anyone believing that it will be a PS3 exclusive and wants to hear nothing about any other versions is putting it's head in the sand and vinger in their ears. Ubisoft is nr. 1 main supplier of games on the 360. GRAW is off their hands. Man it's even fair enough to say even that game could come to the PS3. Ubisoft is not tight to any company. They put their games where the money is. And at this moment, the 360 has the largest fanbase of nearly 5.5 million units sold. At christmas, it will have a fanbase around 10 million units sold. For a long time that will be the platform to earn money on, especially as we know 360 owners have an average attach rate of 4.5 games per console, PS2/Gamecube had 1.9, original XBOX 2.4. Ubisoft had a nr. 1 seller with GRAW. That kind of market penetration and other games on 360 has never been seen in console industry. PS2 100 million sold, games like GT sold like 7 million. What's that on 100 million units? 7% bought it. 360 has 5.5 million consoles with games that sold like 2 million. Now getting close to 50% buying a game, that's an audience you want! XBOX users just spend a lot of money on more games, PS users mostly only buy a few and spend less money on it. Research it, these facts are correct

Assassins Creed will be on 360. Could be a few months after PS version launched, but it will be there

Bishop5390d ago

GT sold almost 15 million copies for PS2 with 100 million consoles sold. I have a 360 and have owned many games for it and as far as I am concerned Microsoft has left the court wide open for Sony and Nintendo to take the lead. Of course this is just my opnion but I know that where I live the stores have stopped taking PS3 reserves already because they have reached their limit and there are more then 20 360's sitting their waiting to be purchased in most of the stores in my area. So I know that the consoles are not selling as well as MS would like. But to be honest I could really care less anymore who sells the most consoles as long as all of the companies manage to release another console.

TheMART5390d ago

Has anyone seen this? It's an AC killer and it is on PC/360, check the trailers it's all inengine/ingame!

Siesser5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

I have to agree that Project Offset is my most anticipated game of the next generation. It is the only game I've ever seen that has made me eager to hop online and play it. The scope and depth of the online play seems amazing. Hopefully, they won't charge for me to play online on the PS3, but even if they do, this'd be one of the few games where I'd pay to do so.

Assasins'Creed will still be amazing too, though. Can't wait for both.

zypher5390d ago

lol. do you have an OFFICIAL link saying that this game ISN'T coming to the PS3?

ACE5390d ago

they r only working on pc/360 version of that amazing game at the MOMMENT . just like alot of other games i think tables will turn this gen with MORE games coming to 360 first then ps3 due to cost etc...

Siesser5390d ago

It should be noted that the game was one of those featured in the March issue of PSM, which the Offset team encouraged fans to go out and read. I can only assume they wouldn't do this if the game weren't going to that console.

They have finally gotten a publisher, which they're not revealing yet, so you never know. Microsoft has the deepest pockets out there; I hope the team didn't let the dollar signs woo them.

zypher5390d ago

you missed my point. themart is always saying how he thinks Assassins Creed is coming to the 360 because Ubisoft never said that it WASN'T. if the Offset team has never explicitly said that their game ISN'T coming to the PS3, using themart's logic doesn't that mean that it probably will?

TheMART5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

Small difference between them. On X05 in Amsterdam Assassins Creed was shown for 360 as Project Assassin.

Project Offset has never been announced for or seen running on a PS3. I guess that's a big difference mate

zypher5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

here are two links where you can see that Assassins Creed (formerly Project Assassins) was first revealed in a demo reel of PS3 games at TGS 2005

here is another link confirming that Project Offset is indeed slated for multi-next-gen systems (yes, INCLUDING the PS3), i couldn't fine a link from gamespot, but i'm quite sure they'd say the same thing:

now, if you notice under Project Assassins (Assassins Creed), neither site actually confirms it as a 360 game. both sites list it under rumor, RUMOR. now, i'm not saying that Assassins Creed isn't coming to the 360, just that there isn't any concrete evidence which supports it. and since there is also no concrete evidence saying that Project Offset isn't coming to the PS3 (when in fact it was initially announced for PS3, 360 and PC), then its a bit easier to assume that it will, as opposed to Assassins Creed, which has official statements from Ubisoft saying that its ONLY for the PS3 (and last i checked, the term ONLY negates all other possibilities if it coming to ANOTHER system anytime soon).

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