5 ways Sony could improve 3D glasses reputation

Whatever your opinion is on 3D Glasses, there is no question they are generally seen as too much of hassle to deal with for the benefit (questionable, for most) of perceiving an extra dimension. They are simply not worth it.

Now, what if those glasses were more than a mean to split frames between eyes? What if they offered functionalities that go beyond 3D gaming?

iWaggle3D offers 5 ideas to increase their value and change the way people perceive them.

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zootang2920d ago

Sky are doing a pretty good job in the UK with all the 3D football and 3D adds.

SpinalRemains1382919d ago

SONY's 3D glasses reputation????

Is this a joke?
- man o man all the guys down at the plant are really not liking SONY's 3D glasses.
- Everyone at the bar is totally not going to buy SONY's 3D glasses because they don't give 3D like other brands???

There are currently no reputations assiciated with 3D glasses. It's an internet fabrication.

fr3d02919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Internet fabrication, could not agree more!

I have a 46" sony 3d tv, i love it, I love watching movies in 3D, playing games in 3D, can't wait for more content.

I got 2 pair of glasses, transmitter, 4 3d games and 2 bluray 3d movies free with the TV. Imax Deep Sea 3D bluray is especially cool.

ComboBreaker2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Gotta wear a 3D glass.

Wanna listen to your iPod on the subway?
Gotta wear a headphone.

Wanna chat with other players online?
Gotta wear a headset.

Wanna go outside?
Gotta wear clothes.

Active Reload2919d ago

I agree with everything except for..."There are currently no reputations assiciated with 3D glasses. It's an internet fabrication."<----that . But as soon as they start selling 3D contact lenses, I'll be the first in line.

SpinalRemains1382919d ago

LOL! genius!

That's actually a great fucking idea dude

Active Reload2919d ago

I thought so too, lol. Now I won't get paid for the idea, since its out here in the wild now =(

Thecraft19892919d ago

xpand all ready make universal glasses

Dlacy13g2919d ago

Number 1 way to improve the reputation? Get rid of them and make an affordable big screen glasses free 3D TV!

Active Reload2919d ago

I was wondering why people were disagreeing with you, until I looked at your avi.

Dlacy13g2919d ago

Yeah I suppose my avi does put a few poeple off but truth be told, I own both systems. I happen to also run a podcast called "The Overseas Connection" at (you can find it on itunes / zune too if youlike). Our podcast as you guessed is about video gamesand our panel of hosts is made up of 2 Yanks and 3 Brits. So the avitar just seemed fitting for me so I use it often on boards, etc...

BrianG2919d ago

Thats like saying release the Playstation 5 before the Playstation 4 really gets going, just because the PS5 should be better and more enjoyable than the PS4. But heres the catch, the PS5 isn't perfected and doesn't play well at the time.

You see where I'm going with this? PS5 = glasses free 3D TV, PS4 = Glasses

Downtown boogey2919d ago

Not really... It's more like "Don't just settle with a fission power reactor and instead go try it fusion!"

cliffbo2919d ago

the media say the glasses are stupid and the sheep trundle along behind

Downtown boogey2919d ago

Yeah... But proper glassless 3D isn't happening any time soon.

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