5 Reasons Fable will Reign

E4G: With the release date of Fable III arriving soon, we at E4G have decided to compile our very own top 5 list of Reasons why Fable III will be King.

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dkblackhawk503007d ago

Fable III will be awesome, no doubt.

kancerkid3007d ago

I haven't played the second one yet. I hope this one is good, I hope that it executes some rad ideas decently.

mikeslemonade3007d ago

Doubt it because Fable is notorious for overselling and under delivering.

wat6343007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

It will be huge!!! Can't wait to play!

@izim Vehicles?

dkblackhawk503007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

wow disagrees....
Edit: LOL @ the you think they honestly exist in the games time period?

abczby3007d ago

Fable I was without a doubt better than Fable II.

And Fable III looks way too much like an action adventure game and way too scripted. With cutscenes and a fully voiced main character I feel like they are taking a lot away from the player decision making portion of the game and really dumbing it down to try and make it appeal more to casual gamers because Molyneux wants to get those 5 million copies sold so bad so he can finally tell himself that Fable is a AAA franchise whenever Fable I was a AAA title from the start.

I HATE casual gamers. They are ruining the gaming industry, little by little.

ECM0NEY3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"I HATE casual gamers. They are ruining the gaming industry, little by little."

ME2 suffered the same fate RPG elements wise.

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lzim3007d ago

vehicles? no? continues to ignore Franchise.

Bobby Kotex3007d ago

If vehicles are your criteria for games, you're missing out.

Garnett3007d ago

Give me the PC version NOW!

Bass_fisherman3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

In which kingdom?

From i see Demons Souls is still the real deal.

T9X693007d ago

Demon Souls was a great game, but I enjoy the Fable series more.

Godmars2903007d ago

To both of you: So what?

Demon Souls is a good game. Fable has shown itself to be a good franchise. Why does one *have* to be better than the other? Why does Fable's "success" equal enjoyment to playing the game?

How about just enjoying the games and leave all the marketing BS to the analysts?

T9X693007d ago

Hint hint, I said enjoyed. I never said either game was better than each other. I thought both games were equally great, I just enjoyed Fable more.

Bass_fisherman3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

The article is about reign and Demon Souls stands out the be the king thats all.

PS: I dont enjoy playing fable

WetN00dle693007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

They are both great titles and should be enjoyed instead of comparing one to the other!


If you dont enjoy the game THEN what are you doing here???
If i dont like something i stay about 2000 miles away from it, instead of spreading my negativity. Take me for instance, i dont like Little big Planet BUT youll never see me talking crap about the game.

Garnett3007d ago

Demon souls fucking sucked, your not enjoying that game unless you soak 100 hours into the first mission.

WLPowell3007d ago

you should learn how to play the game correctly? If you're at 100 hours and still stuck on the first level the problem is you not the game.

On topic: The Fable series has always been about mediocre RPG after mediocre RPG. Just speaking WRPGs; The Witcher series shits all over it, Mass Effect (even with it's toned down RPG elements) is better, anything bethesda does shis better.

HinakoNinomiya3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

hype? i played fable 1 and 2 and they don't compare to the jrpgs I've played over the years. the first and last wrpg series I'll be playing you can count on that one.fable 2 put me to SLEEP. i just prefer jrpgs better no need to explain myself.

edit: @abczby and any other jrpg hater: do you think i care what you personally think about jrpgs? hell damn no. i go to the store and buy what i want do you have a problem with this? you play what you want to play and I'll do the same simple as that. also you have some stupid ass mass effect avatar. that's just giving me hints that you are a wrpg fanboy/jrpg hater right there.who cares if you don't like jrpgs, i never asked whether you liked them or not.

in 2010 i bought ff13,trinity universe,and atelier rorona because i choose to buy them. in 2011 i will be buying disgaea 4,kingdom hearts re:coded,trinity souls of zill o', Ni no Kuni​, and many more jrpgs.

you just got owned.

abczby3007d ago

Aren't RPGs.

They are like virtual card games.

They really require a lot of patience....And willingness to be bored.

They are really terrible. I hate them. I don't know if I am conveying the fact that I really dislike JPRGs enough right now, but they really, really just blow it big time. Especially Final Fantasy. That franchise is just the worst.


I hope there are some fellow Demon's Souls/Fallout/The Elder Scrolls fans on this news article right now...

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