8 minutes of Call of Duty 4

Almost 8 minutes of new gameplay taken from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at the Xbox 360 beta test started on August 27th, 2007.

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antonius864159d ago

I can't wait to play the game. I hope I can play the beta but right now I have to wait until they allow Canadians to part take.

P4KY B4159d ago

Game looks ace.
But i know i'll probably suck online.

Cat4159d ago

it's hard not to unless you play constantly. i look forward to getting mowed down by 12 year olds.

Bazookajoe_834159d ago

And it also looks a little faster than cod3, but it´s maybe just my imagination..

alexander22rednaxela4159d ago

That dude was skilled, looking forward to this one.

Gamer134159d ago

This game and Halo 3 will keep me going, plus a cople more game.

IM OUT...///"""

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The story is too old to be commented.